Volume 38, No. 3, 1988-1989


The Biotechnology Revolution and Its Regulatory Evolution
Diane E. Hoffmann

From Microbes, to Corn Seeds, to Oysters, to Mice: Patentability of New Life Forms
Edmund J. Sease

The Role of the Law in Shaping the Future of American Agriculture      
Neil D. Hamilton

Foreclosures in Iowa – An Update
David M. Erickson

Application of United States Patent and Trade Laws to Unauthorized Overseas Use of a Patented Plant Variety
Chris Jorgensen


The Genetic Message from the Cornfields of Iowa: Expanding the Law of Trade Secrets
Jeffrey J. Wolf

Iowa’s Ever-Changing Farm Products Exception – Where Will It End
Kirk J. Fjelstul

Insolvent Insurers: Who Will Bear the Burden – The Excess Carriers, the Guaranty Associations, or the Insured
Martha L. Shaff


Land Use Regulation
Harry E. Gallaher

Agricultural Law
Scott E. Wolfe

Russell E. Holmes