Volume 38, No. 2, 1988-1989


Patent Law: The Impact of the 1988 Patent Misuse Reform Act and Noerr-Pennington Doctrine on Misuse Defenses and Antitrust Counterclaims
Richard Calkins

The Federal Circuit’s Short Circuit of Validity Challenges: Or, Is Then Spirit of Lear Dead
Edmund J. Sease

Statutory Indemnification and Insurance Provisions for Corporate Directors – To What End     
Paula Walter

General Overview of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure II  
Edward W. Remsburg & Steven K. Gaer

The Right to Demand Adequate Assurance of Due Performance: Uniform Commercial Code Section 2-609 and Restatement (Second) of Contracts Section 251
R.J. Robertson, Jr.


Thermography: The Double-Edged Sword Which Can Either Corroborate the Existence of Pain or Weed out the Malingerer
Richard J. Byrne

An Element-by-Element Analysis of the Doctrine of Equivalents in the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Gary S. Levenson

When Silence Is Not Golden: Disclosure of Preliminary Merger Negotiations by Closely-Held Corporations
Barbara J. Lano

Insider Trading: Secondary Liability under the Federal Securities Law – Lawyers Beware
Jeffrey M. Lamberti

Three Generations of State Anti-Takeover Statues: Their Legitimacy in Relation to Their Effects on Interstate Commerce and the Supremacy Clause
Gregg M. Fishbein


Release and Contribution
Tami J. Johnson