Volume 37, No. 3, 1987-1988


Protecting the Confidentiality of Blood Donors’ Identities in AIDS Litigation
Richard C. Bollow & Daryl J. Lapp

Do the United States Sentencing Guidelines Deprive Defendants of Due Process
Bradford C. Mank

Evaluating a Subchapter S Conversion  
William C. Brown

Modern Tragedies and Myths: The Passive Activity Loss Rule
Nina J. Crimm

The Criteria the Tax Court Uses in Determining if the Taxpayer Is Liable for the Fraud Penalty
Peter Barton

The Iowa Law of Res Judicata and the Enforcement of Constitutional Rights under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983
Donald Bohlken


New Trial Lawyer Conduct Rules Respond to Misconduct New Trial Lawyer Conduct Rules Respond to Misconduct  
Arthur E. Ryman, Jr.


Smoking in Public: Nonsmokers’ Rights and the Proposed Iowa Clean Indoor Air Act
Sally A. Buck

Underinsured Motorist Coverage: The Validity of Consent to Settle Clauses
Thomas H. Fell

Dealing with Obesity in Workers’ Compensation Cases: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous
Darlene M. Erickson


Dram Shop Act
Thomas S. Tauber

Civil Procedure
Jeffrey J. Wolf

Civil Rights
Cheryl M. Gill