Volume 36, No. 1, 1986-1987


Dissolution of Marriage When One Spouse Holds a Professional Degree – A Call to Fairness    
James A. Albert

Equal Protection during the 1984 Term: Revitalized Rational Basis Examination in the Economic Sphere
Jill Handley Anderson

Preservation of Error and Making the Record in the Iowa Criminal Trial and Appellate Processes       
Kermit L. Dunahoo & Tim A. Thomas

The Pre-Trial Notice Requirement of Federal Rule of Evidence 803(24)
Jonathan E. Grant


The Federalization of the Farm Products Exception Rule of U.C.C. 9-307(1): Anomaly or Opening Salvo
Sarah Pitts Eldridge

The Administrative Expense Priority in Bankruptcy – A Survey
David Reeder

Title VII Mixed-Motive Cases: The Eighth Circuit Adds a Second Track of Liability and Remedy
Max J. Schott


Civil Rights
Sarah Pitts Eldridge

Equal Protection
Kevin Rogers

Civil Rights
Max J. Schott