Volume 35, No. 1, 1985-1986


Error Preservation in Civil Litigation: A Primer for the Iowa Practitioner      
Robert G. Allbee

Relative Priority of a Landlord’s Lien and Article 9 Security Interest
Gregory B. Wilcox & Frank B. Harty

The Gertz Fault Standard and the Common Law of Defamation: An Argument for Predictability of Result and Certainty of Expectation       
Patrick J. McNulty

Surviving Incarceration: Constitutional Protection from Inmate Violence        
James E. Robertson


Promissory Leniency: The Mandates of the Rule
James H. Dinan

Redefinition of Alimony under Tax Reform Act of 1984
Patricia L. Talcott

An Evaluation of the Proper Standard of Causation in the Dual Notice Title VII Context: A Rejection of the Same Decision
Karen A. Kincaid


Civil Rights
Deborah S. Chang

Torts and Civil Procedure
Bruce Anderson

Peter Pashler