Volume 33, No. 4, 1983-1984


Mental Disability Caused by Mental Stress: Standards of Proof in Workers’ Compensation Cases
Sara J. Sersland

Post Scale Warnings: A Review and Analysis Seeking Fair Compensation under Uniform Law
Robert A. Royal

Employers’ Liability Insurance: A New Policy Unveiled      
Marvin E. Duckworth & Philip H. Dorff, Jr.


Permenent Partial Disability under Workers’ Compensation: Schedule Exclusivity versus Impaired Earning Capacity
Megan Manning Antenucci

A General Survey of Causes of Action Available to an Insured or Applicant against an Insurance agent, Broker, or Insurance Company for Failure to Procure the Property Coverage Requested   
Thomas Robert Hennen

Medical Payment Subrogation Provisions: Will Iowa Adopt the Majority View
David Alan McNeill


Group Health Insurance
Brad Hardman

Gayla R. Harrison

Constitutional Law
Lisa A. Penland