Volume 33, No. 2, 1983-1984


Prime Farmland and the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act: Guidance for an Enhanced Federal Role in Farmland Preservation
Margaret Rosso Grossman

Iowa’s Mortgage Moratorium Statute: A Constitutional Analysis
Timothy D. Benton

Legislative Provisions for Agricultural Cooperatives: Adjusting to Changed Circumstances     
Terence J. Centner

Decendent’s Rental of Real Estate: Application of Internal Revenue Code Sections 2032A and 6166
John C. Becker


The Farm Creditor: Ppreserving Security Interest in Farm Products
Andrew F. Van Der Maaten

Mandatory or Permissive: Borrowers’ Statutory Right to Notice of Deferral Relief for Farmers Home Administration Loans
Jeffrey B. Klaus


Katherine Schmidt

Corporate Law
Kendall R. Watkins

Constitutional Law
William Comeau