Volume 31, No. 3, 1981-1982


Roosevelt To Reagan Commodity Programs and the Agriculture and Food Act of 1981
Ruth R. Harkin & Thomas R. Harkin

Protecting the Farmer in Grain Marketing Transactions
J.W. Looney & Richard Byrd

Foreign Investments in U.S. Farmland – The Facts and the Law  
Reka Potgieter Hoff

Freedom to Farm – Understanding the Agriculture Exemption to County Zoning in Iowa
Neil D. Hamilton

Agriculture Trade and Section 22
Rex J. Zedalis


Severance Taxes and Soil Depletion: Is Grain A Natural Resource Amenable to Severance Taxation   
Cameron Willey

Implied Warranties in the Sale of Diseased Livestock in Iowa; A Return to Caveat Emptor
Jeanne Ann Foster

Prepaid Feed Expense: Another Look at the Deposit, Business Purpose, and Distortion of Income Tests
Steven J. Roy


Income Taxation
Steven J. Roy

Labor Law
Steven V. Rizzo

Robert P. Pilmer