Volume 31, No. 1, 1981-1982


Balancing the Interest: The Changing Complexion of Home Mortgage Financing in America    
Helen Jean Walleser

Market Share Liability, Industry-Wide Liability, Alternative Liability and Concert of Action: Modern Legal Concepts Preserving Liability for Defective but Unidentifiable Products
George A. LaMarca

The Requirements Contract – What Is Required
Elliot Axelrod

Issue Preclusion: Parklane Hosiery Co. v. Shore, Revisited
Bruce Kempkes

Recent Developments under Rule 179 of the Iowa Rules of Civil Procedure: What Does the Rule Mean – Now
Clyde D. Stoltenberg


Affecting Commerce under the Sherman Act – How Local the Squeeze
Stephen P. Swinton

Criminal Jury Trials in Iowa: A Time for Revision
Gale E. Juhl


Constitutional Law
Glenn S. Hansen

Attorney and Client
Jeanne Johnson

Michael J. Schroeder