Volume 28, No. 1, 1978-1979


A Judge’s View of Trial Practice
George G. Fagg

Efficient Jury Utilization Techniques…or Proposition 12
Newt Draheim

The Concern over Discovery
H. Richard Smith

The Effect of a Claim of Privilege upon the Subpoena Power of an Administrative Law Judge
William A. Mogel

Physician Countersuits – A Solution to the Malpractice Dilemma
Judith Graves Higgs


Cantor v. Detroit Edison: Guidelines for Application to State-Regulated Industries
Barbara G. Barrett

Iowa Public School Teachers: Procedural Due Process Requirements for Contract Termination
Clifford S. Swartz

Copyrighted Musical Compositions: Public Performance for Profit as Affected by the 1976 Act
Robert Allan Waldman


James Fallace

Federal Jurisdiction
Brent Rosenburg

Attorney-Client Privilege
Brent L. Brown

Criminal Law
John Philip Messina

Constitutional Law and Family Law
Shari Ulery