Volume 27, No. 4, 1977-1978


Informational Privacy in the Insurance Relationship – A Review of the Privacy Protection Study Commission’s Insurance Recommendations  
Russell H. Matthias

The Impact of Increased State Regulation of Insurance Mergers and Acquisitions on Federal Antimerger Regulation
Ronald A. Jacks

The Authority of the States over Debtor Coercion by Federal Savings and Loan Associations
William D. Hager

First Party Insurance: Claims, Practices and Procedures in Laight of Extra-Contractual Damage Actions
Thomas M. Zurek


Workers’ Compensation in Iowa – The Going and Coming Rule and Its Exceptions
John R. Lepley

Trends in the Insurance Industry
Marc A. Humphrey, F. Arthur McNulty & David M. Erickson


Insurance – Antitrust
Kent J. Lund

Workers’ Compensation
Linda R. Reade

B. Joan White

Workers’ Compensation
Michael Mallaney

Income Tax
James K. Wilkens