Volume 27, No. 1, 1977-1978


A Review of the Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act
Joseph J. Ziino, Jr.

Recent Statutory and Case Law Developments in Secured Transactions
T. James McDonough

Workers’ Compensation Contested Cases under the IAPA
Alan R. Gardner


The Validity of a Seller’s Right to Reclaim Property under Section 2-707(2) of the U.C.C. against the Trustee in Bankruptcy: The Problem Continues
Robert J. Baudino, Jr.

Preindictment Delay in the Eighth Circuit
Kathleen S. Bean

Corporal Punishment: For School Children Only
Judith Graves Higgs


Constitutional Law – Equal Protection
John F. Garrow

Statutory Negligence
Marilyn Scheer

Curtis B. Hamre