Volume 26, No. 4, 1976-1977


Management of Interparty and Third-Party Liability for Routine Space Shuttle Operations
Arthur M. Dula

The Irrational Trend toward Mandatory Maternity Coverage
Thomas J. Gillooly, Edwin T. Holmes & John R. Hurley

The Constitutionality of No-Fault Insurance: The Courts Speak
George J. Siedel III


Defining Relative, Member of the Household, Member of the Family or Resident within the Meaning of Homeowner’s and Automobile Liability Policies
Gary D. Stump

Pending Crime Victim Compensation Legislation in Iowa: An Analysis
Gerald Thomas Husch

Life Insurance and the Consumer: At What Price Disclosure
John Newell


Disability Insurance
Fredd Joseph Haas

David M. Erickson