Volume 26, No. 1, 1976-1977


Selected Topics in Examination of Abstracts of Title
Theodore L. Kubicek & David W. Kubicek

Chemical Properties: Are They a Sensible Legal Yardstick of Patentability
Edmund J. Sease

An Overview of State Taxation of Individual and Corporate Income in Iowa
Richard B. Margulies

Ethics and Malpractice
Lee Gaudineer


Survey of Iowa Criminal Law
Mark. E. Schantz


Justice Delayed – Justice Denied – The Right to a Speedy Trial in Iowa
Allen Arthur Anderson

Pharmaceutical Product Selection in Iowa
John J. Gajdel

Protection of Computer Software – A Hard Problem
Mark H. Ogden


Antitrust – Sherman Act Section One
Kathleen S. Bean

Georgianne M. Riley

Environmental & Administrative Law
Sandra Lee Bondy

Medical Malpractice
David D. Dixon