Volume 25, No. 2, Winter 1975


The New Iowa Uniform Securities Law
Edward R. Hayes

Deportation and the Alien – Some Aspects
Elwin J. Griffith

Admissibility of Evidence of Post-Accident Repairs: The Graying of a Black-Letter Rule
John D. Lloyd

Is Bankruptcy Really Necessary Potential Causes of Action Lost upon Filing
William Jefferson Giles, III


Character and Reputation Evidence in Iowa
Victoria L. Herring

Bankrupts Immunity From the Use or Derivative Use of His Bankruptcy Testimony in a Subsequent Criminal Proceeding
Genelle Schlichting

Federal Intervention in Ongoing State Proceedings: Expansion of an Abstention Doctrine
Sandra M. Consigny


John Clemens Smith

Criminal Law
Marsha Ternus Rundall

Criminal Law
Nicholas Gradisar