Volume 22, No. 4, September 1973


Prepaid Legal Services
Lionel E. Wolff

Title Insurance and the Title Insurance Industry
Stephen J. Quiner

Liability Considerations Concerning Insurance Agents and Brokers
Phil C. Redenbaugh

The Evolution of a No-Fault Dilemma: The Motorcycle
Clifford J. Shoemaker

The Reinsurance Facility: A New Approach to the Residual Auto Insurance Market Problem
Robert E. Vanderbeek & Dennis F. Reinmuth


Funding Stock Redemption Plans under Sections 302 and 303 with Life Insurance
Gary V. Pumilia & Arlo H. VandeVegte

The Applicability of Anti-Trust Laws to the Insurance Industry
Ed Lawson


Leslie Babich

Liability Insurance
Alan E. Fredregill