Volume 17, No. 2, May 1968


Fianancing under Article 9 of the Iowa Uniform Commercial Code
Edgar F. Hansell

State Regulation of Securities Issues
Edward R. Hayes

Handling Tort Claims and Suits against the State of Iowa: Part I
Don R. Bennett


The Obligation of Appointed Legal Counsel to Represent an Indigent on Appeal
Thomas D. McMillen, Jr.

Blood Alcohol Tests and the Fourth and Fifth Amendments
B. Gerald Reynolds & Glenn L. Smith

The Architect’s Tort Liability for Personal Injury
Michael G. Voorhees

Certiorari: Advantage to State in Criminal Cases
C. O. Lamp


David L. Phipps

Scope of Review
Steven J. Seiler

Workmen’s Compensation – Death Benefits
Don Muyskens

Wrongful Death
John C. Wellman