Vol. 64, No. 1, 2016


Post-Conviction Access to DNA Testing and Clemency as a “Fail-Safe”:
The Implications of Judicial Fidelity to the Legal Process Vision
Sarah Lucy Cooper

Presidential Executive Action Unilaterally Changing the World’s Critical
Technology and Infrastructure
Steven Ferrey

Prescription Drugs and Design Defect Liability: Blanket Immunity Approach to theIncreased Costs and Unavailability of Prescription Medication
Eric Lindenfeld & Jasper L. Tran

Doing What’s Best: Determining “Best Interests” for Children
Impacted by Immigration Proceedings
Becky Wolozin


And the Melting Pot Bubbles Over: A Call for
Compromise in Addressing the Child Migrant Crisis
Kayla Burkhiser Reynolds

The Time to Act was Yesterday: Local Reforms to Confront the
Tragedy of For-Profit Sexual Exploitation and Provide Victim Assistance
Laura McGuire

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