“Act of God” as a Defense in Negligence Cases…..25:754

Additur in Iowa…..15:23

Advance Liability Insurance Payments: An Iowa View…..18:218

Agent-Broker Negligence Actions: Pitfalls for Insurance Providers and Ammunition for Consumers…..44:835

AID Insurance Co. v. Davis County, 426 N.W.2d 631 (Iowa 1988)—A General Release Purporting to Discharge One Tortfeasor and All Others Who Might Be Liable Does Not Effectively Release an Unnamed or Otherwise Unidentified Tortfeasor; Since the Unnamed Tortfeasor Has Not Been Released, Action for Contribution Cannot Be Maintained Against Him Under Sections 668.5 and 668.6 of the Iowa Code…..38:461

American Motorcycle Ass’n v. Davids (Mich. 1968)—Statutes Which Require an Individual to Take Measures for the Protection of His Own Physical Well-Being May Not Be Proper…..18:124

Amsden v. Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Co. (Iowa 1972)—Insurer Is Under an Implied-in-Law Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing in the Settlement of Claims by the Insured, the Breach of Which May Constitute the Element of Outrageous Conduct in a Prima Facie Case for the Tort of Intentional Infliction of Severe Emotional Distress…..23:210

The Architect’s Tort Liability for Personal Injury…..17:242

Attractive Nuisance—Factors of the Iowa Doctrine…..19:461

Attractive Nuisance in Iowa…..1:68

Barker v. Lull Engineering Co. (Cal. 1978)—A Product Is Defective in Design if (1) It Has Failed to Perform as Safely as an Ordinary Consumer Would Expect When It Is Used in an Intended or Reasonably Foreseeable Manner, or (2) the Injury Was Proximately Caused by the Defective Design and the Benefits of the Challenged Design Do Not Outweigh Its Risks…..28:493

Barlo v. Iblings (Iowa 1968)—Unemancipated Minor Child Cannot Sue His Parent for Injury Caused by the Ordinary Negligence of the Parent…..18:142

Beeck v. Aquaslide ‘n’ Dive Corp. (Iowa 1984)—In an Action for Reckless Misrepresentation of Material Facts in a Non-Culpable Defendant’s Pleadings and Discovery, Plaintiff Must Prove a Culpable Defendant Is Not Estopped from Asserting the Statute of Limitations, that Judgment Would Have Been Collected from the Culpable Defendant and that the Plaintiff’s Personal Injuries Are Legally Compensable Before He May Recover Damages from a Non-Culpable Defendant…..35:239

Beneficial Finance Company of Waterloo v. Lamos (Iowa 1970)—Repeated Telephone Calls by Creditor to Debtor at Debtor’s Place of Employment Were Not Such Willful and Malicious Acts as to Constitute Invasion of Debtor’s Privacy…..20:673

Bentzler v. Brown (Wis. 1967)—There Is a Duty to Use Available Seat Belts While Riding in an Automobile…..17:139

The Biotechnology Revolution and Its Regulatory Evolution…..38:471

Boyer v. Iowa High School Athletic Ass’n, 152 N.W.2d 293 (Iowa 1967)—Plaintiff Need Only Show Defendant to Be in Control of Instrumentality at Time of Negligent Act in Order to Avail Himself of Res Ipsa Loquitur…..18:150

Brinks v. Chesapeake & Ohio R.R. (W.D. Mich. 1969)—The Doctrine of Parental Immunity Does Not Apply Where Both the Parent and Child Are Deceased as a Result of the Alleged Tortious Conduct…..20:200

Brown v. Merlow (Cal. 1973)—California Guest Statute Unconstitutional Denial of Equal Protection…..23:216

Brune v. Belinkoff (Mass. 1968)—The “Locality” Rule Abandoned in Establishing the Standard of Care Demanded of the General Practitioner…..18:129

Car 54 Where Are You?: Police Response to Domestic Violence Calls…..40:361

The “Care” Required of a Jaywalker…..5:35

Children v. Burton (Iowa 1983)—In False Arrest Actions, Iowa Law Enforcement Officials Are Allowed a Defense of Good Faith and Reasonable Belief that Probable Cause Existed for an Arrest, Which Is a Lower Standard of Probable Cause than the Constitutional Standard Required in Criminal Actions…..33:711

City of Cedar Rapids v. Northwestern National Insurance Co. (Iowa 1981)—Punitive Damages Assessed an Insured Governmental Sub-Division for Tort Claims Arising Under Iowa Code Chapter 613A Are Recoverable from the Insurer Under a General Liability Policy…..31:937

Civil Liability of Citizen Assisting in False Arrest…..5:45

Civil Remedies for Intoxication…..2:54

Clark v. Mincks (Iowa 1985)—A Social Host Who Furnishes Intoxicants to an Intoxicated Guest May Be Civilly Liable Under Common-Law Principles for Damages Sustained by a Third Person as a Result of the Intoxicated Guest’s Tortious Conduct…..35:433

Clergy Malpractice: Suing Ministers, Pastors, and Priests for Ungodly Counseling…..39:597

A Common Law Cause of Action for the Injured Inebriate?…..31:435

Common Law or Per Quod Libel?—Necessity for Allegation of Special Damage in Iowa Libel Actions…..25:739

Comparative Negligence in Iowa—The Time Has Come for the Iowa Supreme Court to Put Its House in Order…..31:709

The Consent Statute: Driver’s Declarations and Owner’s Liability…..1:60

Consent to Medical and Surgical Treatment…..14:101

Contribution Between Joint Tortfeasors as Affected by the Yerkes Case…..6:30

Contribution from a Negligent Employer: A Problem in Search of a Solution…..32:945

Contributory, Concurrent, or Comparative Negligence under the New Iowa Statute?…..15:97

The Coronation and Banishment of “Vicarious Liability” as the Unifying Principle of Iowa Implied Indemnity Law…..58:243

Craig v. IMT Insurance Co., 407 N.W.2d 584 (Iowa 1987)—Parents of an Unborn but Viable Fetus Can Maintain an Action for Loss of Consortium Under the Uninsured Motorist Provisions of Their Automobile Insurance Policy upon the Death of Their Child…..37:731

A Critique of the Uniform Products Liability Law—A Rush to Judgment…..28:221

Cronin v. J.B.E. Olson Corp. (Cal. 1972)—Under Greenman Formulation, the Plaintiff Need Not Prove that the Defective Product Was Unreasonably Dangerous…..23:197

The Current Status of Tort Reform in Iowa…..35:859

Damages in Iowa—Loss of Time and Impairment of Future Earning Capacity…..12:59

Davis v. Thornton, 180 N.W.2d 11 (Mich. 1970)—Where Reasonable Minds Could Differ, the Jury Should Decide Questions Concerning Proximate Cause and Independent Intervening Cause in Cases Where Car Owner Leaves Keys in Ignition Switch and Theft of Car Results in Injuries to Third Parties…..21:201

Defending Sexual Molestation Claims Under a Comprehensive General Liability Policy: Issues of Scope, Occurrence, and Expert Witness Testimony…..39:477

Design Defect Litigation in Iowa: The Myths of Strict Liability…..40:465

Dewey v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., 577 A.2d 1239 (N.J. 1990)—Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act Does Not Preempt State Tort Claims Against Cigarette Manufacturing for Failure to Warn, Design Defects, or Fraud and Misrepresentation in Advertising…..41:201

Director’s Liability for Breach of the Duty of Care: The Corporate Crisis and Legislative Responses in Delaware and Iowa…..36:775

Dunn v. Rose Way, Inc. (Iowa 1983)—Surviving Parents Have a Claim Under Rule 8 of the Iowa Rules of Civil Procedure for Damages Resulting from Deprivation of an Unborn Child’s Companionship, Society, and Services…..33:185

Duties Owed Trespassers, Licensees and Invitees, in Iowa…..9:119

The Duty Concept in Farm Accidents in Iowa: When Does a Wiggle Become a Wobble?…..18:155

The Duty Owed by Land Occupiers in Iowa…..20:159

Duty Under Negligent Breach of Contract Claims…..62:619

Effect of Release of One of Two Tortfeasors Upon Liability of the Other, Where the Parties to the Release did Not Intend any Effect…..11:151

Effect of Statutory Violations in Automobile Negligence Actions in Iowa…..8:110

The Emerging Law of Actuarial Malpractice…..31:831

Emotional Distress Damages and the Tort of Insurance Bad Faith…..46:717

Employment Torts: Emerging Areas of Employer Liability…..39:3

Enterprise Liability for Bad Outcomes from Drug Therapy: The Doctor, the Hospital, the Pharmacy, and the Drug Firm…..44:377

Ethics and Malpractice…..26:88

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Pornographer Liability (But Were Afraid to Ask)…..46:233

Evolution in Hostile Environment Claims Since Harris v. Forklift Systems, Inc…..47:585

The Evolution of a No-Fault Dilemma: The Motorcycle…..22:750

Ewing v. Cloverleaf Bowl (Cal. 1978)—A Bartender Owes a Duty of Due Care in Serving Alcohol to a Patron and Incurs Liability for Foreseeable Injuries Suffered by a Patron Which Result from the Failure to Exercise Such Care…..28:728

Expanding Horizons in the Law of Torts—Tortious Interference…..23:341

Fairness in Litigation or “Equity for All”…..36:713

The Federal Flood Control Act: Congressional Development of a Modern-Day Ark…..44:303

Federal Pre-emption of State Products Liability Laws and Limitations of the Strict Liability of Manufacturers…..32:961

First Party Torts—Extra-Contractual Liability of Insurers Who Violate the Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing…..25:900

Fischer v. Kletz, 266 F. Supp. 180 (S.D.N.Y. 1967)—An Accountant who Makes a Representation Believed to Be True but Subsequently Found to Be False May Be Liable in Deceit for Failure to Disclose the Truth…..17:125

Fladeland v. Mayer, 102 N.W.2d 121 (N.D. 1960)—Is Seller Liable Under Dram Act When Purchaser Furnishes Liquor to a Third Person Who Becomes Intoxicated and Causes Injury?…..11:72

Forgery and Government Checks…..27:458

Friedhoff v. Engberg (S.D. 1967)—Doctrine of Disaffirmance Disallowed in Minor’s Attempted Avoidance of Tort Liability Arising Out of a Contract…..17:129

Galloway v. Bankers Trust Co., 420 N.W.2d 437 (Iowa 1988)—Evidence of Prior General Criminal Activity at Mall Raised a Genuine Issue of Material Fact as to Whether Sexual Attack on Patron Was Reasonably Foreseeable…..39:225

Gaston v. Pittman (Fla. 1969)—A Divorced Woman May Maintain an Action Against Her Former Husband for a Tort Committed by Him Prior to Their Marriage…..19:214

The Gertz Fault Standard and the Common Law of Defamation: An Argument for Predictability of Result and Certainty of Expectation…..35:51

Gertz v. Robert Welch, Inc. 418 U.S. 323 (1974)—Newspaper or Broadcaster that Publishes Defamatory Falsehoods About Individual Who Is Neither Public Official Nor Public Figure May Not Claim Constitutional Privilege Against Liability for Injury Inflicted by Those Statements…..24:464

Golf Course Liability—A “Fore!” Warning…..42:905

Gronquist v. Transit Cas. Co. (N.J. Super. 1969)—Passenger in a Vehicle Is Using that Vehicle Within the Coverage of the Omnibus Clause of a Liability Policy, A…..19:223

Handling Tort Claims and Suits Against the State of Iowa: Part I…..17:189

Hillrichs v. Avco Corp., 478 N.W.2d 70 (Iowa 1991)–A Manufacturer of Farm Machinery May be Liable in Iowa for Enhanced Injuries, But How Is Any Comparative Fault of the Plaintiff To Be Attributed to the Enhanced Injuries?…..42:699

If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, You’ll End Up Somewhere Else: Applicability of Comparative Fault Principles in Purely Economic Loss Cases…..49:589

Immunities as Easements as “Takings”: Bormann v. Board of Supervisors…..48:53

The Independent Contractor Rule and Its Exceptions in Iowa…..24:654

An Independent Tort Action for Mental Suffering and Emotional Distress…..7:1:53

Individual Supervisor Liability Under Title VII and the ADEA…..45:999

Informed Consent Liability…..26:696

Injuries from Ice and Snow on Sidewalks…..8:149

Inspired Tinkering Versus Holistic Social Engineering: Jeffrey O’Connel and the American Tort System…..25:893

Insurance Coverage for Mass Exposure Tort Claims: The Debate over the Appropriate Trigger Rule…..45:625

Insurance Crisis: Fact and Fiction…..36:745

Insurance Solution or Tort Reform? Iowa Joins the Nationwide Examination of Proposed Product Liability Legislation…..29:113

Insurer’s Liability to Insured for Judgments Exceeding Policy Limits…..7/2:23

Intersection Accidents in Iowa…..10:111

Iowa Death Damages…..22:135

The Iowa Doctrine of Negligence Per Se Reviewed…..14:59

The Iowa Dram Shop Act—Causes of Action and Defenses…..23:16

The Iowa Guest Statute: An Infant Is a Guest…..8:156

Iowa Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Law II…..4:86

Iowa Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Law III…..5:31

Iowa Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Law IV…..14:36

Iowa Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Law V…..17:25

Iowa Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Law, 1953…..3:3

Iowa Municipal Tort Immunity…..16:35

Iowa Rule of Evidence 407: A Proposal for Application in Duty to Warn Cases…..36:797

Iowa Tort Law: From Mercer to Goetzman…..33:473

Iowa’s Attractive Nuisance Doctrine Restated…..23:437

Jackson v. Brown (Iowa 1969)—Indirect Benefit Is Not Sufficiently Tangible and Definite to Remove Plaintiff from Operation of the Iowa Guest Statute…..18:273

Judicial Intervention of Private University Expulsions: Traditional Remedies and a Solution Sounding in Tort…..46:195

Judicial Prohibition? Erosion of the Common Law Rule of Non-Liability for Those Who Dispense Alcohol…..34:937

Jurisdiction Over Foreign Corporations—The Effect of a Single Act…..4:18

Kelly v. Sinclair Oil Corp., 476 N.W.2d 341 (Iowa 1991)—Convenience Stores that Sell Alcohol Exclusively for Off Premises Consumption Are Excluded From Liability Under Iowa Dramshop Act and the Iowa Supreme Court Does Not Recognize a Common-Law Negligence Claim Against a Liquor Permittee or Licensee that Falls Outside the Coverage of the Dramshop Act…..42:511

Kriegler v. Eichler Homes, Inc. (Cal. Ct. App. 1969)—The Doctrine of Strict Liability in Tort Can Be Applied to Home Builders…..19:240

The Law of Contribution and Tort-Based Indemnity in Iowa…..55:113

The Law of Defamation: A Primer for the Iowa Practitioner…..44:639

The Law of Nuisance in Iowa…..12:107

LeBeau v. Dimig, 446 N.W.2d (Iowa 1989)—Interpretation of the Discovery Rule by the Iowa Supreme Court: It Does Not Apply to Additional Injuries of Latent Manifestation in Tort…..40:177

Lender Liability Under Iowa Law…..39:645

Liability Considerations Concerning Insurance Agents and Brokers…..22:738

Liability for Entrusting an Automobile to a Known Incompetent…..4:98

Liability for the Escape of Animals…..30:257

Liability of Controlling Persons—Common Law and Statutory Theories of Secondary Liability…..24:621

Liability of Public Bodies, Officers, and Employees—Governmental Immunity…..11:79

Liability of Schools and Coaches: The Current Status of Sovereign Immunity and Assumption of the Risk…..39:759

Liability of Telephone Companies for Inadequate Service…..3:82

Liability-Limiting Legislation: An Impermissible Intrusion into the Jury’s Right to Decide…..36:723

Linn v. United Plant Guard Workers, 383 U.S. 53 (1966)—Defamation and the Doctrine of Preemption Under the National Labor Relations Act…..16:106

Loss of Consortium in Iowa…..10:33

Lunday v. Vogelmann (Iowa 1978)—The Sixty Day Notice of Claim Statute Applicable to Tort Actions Against Municipalities Does Not Violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment…..23:696

Management of Interparty and Third-Party Liability for Routine Space Shuttle Operations…..26:741

Manufacturer’s Liability for Negligent Design…..14:117

Martinko v. H-N-W Associates, 393 N.W.2d 320 (Iowa 1986)—Landowner Has No Duty to Protect and Is Therefore Not Liable for Injuries to Business Patrons Where Landowner Does Not Know nor Have Reason to Know of Criminal Conduct on the Premises…..36:813

Max Factor & Co. v. Max Factor, 226 F. Supp. 120 (S.D. Cal. 1963)—Can an Individual Be Enjoined from the Use of His Own Name in His Own Business Operations, Where the Same or a Similar Name Has Been Used as a Trade Name by Another for Many Years?…..14:144

Measuring Damages to the Estate in Wrongful Death Cases…..5:98

Medical Causation—A Problem Area in Workmen’s Compensation…..16:87

Miller v. Preitz, 422 Pa. 383, 221 A.2d 320 (1966)—Is Uniform Commercial Code § 2-318 an Invitation to Discard Vertical Privity in Warranty Actions…..16:115

A Model Mass Tort: The PPA Experience…..54:621

Mulcahy v. Eli Lilly & Company, 386 N.W.2d 67 (Iowa 1986)—Plaintiffs in a Products Liability Action Must Prove that the Injury-Causing Product Was Manufacttired or Supplied by the Party to Be Held Responsible Under Traditional Causation Principles…..36:821

Municipal Tort Liability in Iowa…..31:855

Myth Surrenders to Reality: Design Defect Litigation in Iowa…..51:549

The “No Eyewitness” Rule in Iowa…..6:101

Notice of Claim Under the Municipal Tort Claims Act—The Watchdog With Plenty of Teeth…..23:670

Owner-Liability and Contributory Negligence—“Pilgrim’s” Progress?…..5:127

Parents’ Loss of Consortium Claims for Adult Children in Iowa: The Magical Age of Eighteen…..41:247

Parental and Interspousal Immunity…..13:160

Perin v. Peular, 373 Mich. 531, 130 N.W.2d 4 (1964)—In Suit Against Automobile Owner for Negligent Entrustment Is Driver’s Past Record of Traffic Violations Admissible, in Spite of Statute Forbidding the Admission of Such Evidence…..15:47

Petersen v. Farmers Casualty Co. (Iowa 1975)—Negligence of Insurance Company’s Attorney in Failing to Perfect Appeal from Adverse Judgment Against Insured Held Imputable to Insurance Company and Rendered Insurer Liable for Judgment in Excess of Coverage…..24:865

Petty v. United States (8th Cir. 1984)—In Iowa Warning of Foreseeable, Material Risk Must Be Specific and Is Not Encompassed by a General Description of Greater Peril, Must Extend to the Ultimate User of an Unavoidably Unsafe Product, and If Inadequate, Raises a Rebuttable Presumption of Causation in a Mass Utilization or “Hardsell” Advertising Context…..34:1091

The Pharmacist’s Duty to Warn: Toward a Knowledge-Based Model of Professional Responsibility…..40:1

Phillips v. Foster, 109 N.W.2d 604 (Iowa 1961)—Under What Circumstances Will Contributory Negligence of His Driver Be Imputed to the Owner Passenger in the Owner’s Action Against the Driver or Owner of Another Vehicle Involved in an Accident With Them?…..11:57

Physician Countersuits—A Solution to the Malpractice Dilemma?…..28:81

The Physician-Patient Privilege: Some Reflections…..14:83

“A Pig in the Parlor Instead of the Barnyard”? An Examination of Iowa Agricultural Nuisance Law…..45:939

Plaintiff Misconduct as a Defense in Products Liability…..25:189

Pottebaum v. Hinds (Iowa 1984)—A Policeman or Fireman Cannot Recover Damages for Personal Injuries Received When the Negligent Act that Created the Need for the Officer’s Presence Is Also the Direct Cause of His Injury…..34:1109

The Practical Effects of Split-Recovery Statutes and Their Validity as a Tool of Modern Day “Tort Reform”…..50:593

Pribble v. Safeway Stores, Inc., 437 P.2d 745 (Ore. 1968)—A Storekeeper Has the Duty to Keep His Floor Nonslippery When Wetted by Customers Coming in from the Rain…..18:136

Problems in Pleading Negligence…..21:215

Product Liability—Can an Innocent Bystander, Injured by a Defective Product, Maintain an Action Against the Manufacturer for Breach of an Implied Warranty of Fitness?…..15:137

Psychiatric Negligence…..23:640

The Question of Damages Resulting from Recent Legislative Changes…..15:107

The Real Fatal Attraction: Civil and Criminal Liability for the Sexual Transmission of AIDS…..37:657

Recent Developments in the Conflict of Laws—Iowa Personal Injury Cases…..23:47

Recklessness in the Iowa Guest Statute…..8:128

Recovery by a Wife for Injuries Due to Her Husband’s Tortious Acts…..4:51

Res Ipsa Loquitur in Iowa…..18:1

Rights of Action for Prenatal Injuries…..3:72

Rivera v. State (N.Y.Ct. Cl. 1978)—Cause of Action on Behalf of Parents for the Negligent Sterilization of Mother Resulting in the Birth of an Unwanted Child Held Sufficiently Supported by Case Law to Warrant Denial of Motion for Summary Judgment and to Allow Claimant-Parents to Prove All Items of Damage, Including the Anticipated Cost of Rearing the Child, Less Any Benefit Conferred by the Birth…..28:503

The Role of the Federal Court in the Expansion of the Ambit of Liability of Manufacturers: Conceptual Approaches and a Suggested Solution…..28:389

Rosenau v. City of Estherville (Iowa 1972)—Fourteen Year-Old Plaintiff Not Negligent Per Se for Violation of a Statute and Assumption of Risk Not a Defense Where Contributory Negligence Is Available…..22:429

A Rule of Which Procrustes Would Be Proud: An Analysis of the Physical Injury Requirement in Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress Claims Under Iowa Law…..51:361

Section 43(a) of the Lanham Act—A Federal Unfair Competition Remedy…..25:228

Settlement Class Actions and “Mere Exposure” Future Claimants: Problems in Mass Toxic Tort Liability…..47:113

Sherman v. Korff, 353 Mich. 387, 91 N.W.2d 485 (1958)—Right of One Co-Owner of Automobile to Sue Negligent Third Party, Notwithstanding the Contributory Negligence of the Other Co-Owner in Driving the Vehicle…..9:48

Shonka v. Campbell (Iowa 1967)—Host Driver May Invoke Guest Statute as Defense to an Action for Contribution by a Third Party Tort-Feasor…..17:121

Should Iowa Adopt the Tort of Intentional Spoliation of Evidence in Civil Litigation?…..41:179

“Shoplifters” Beware? Detention of Suspected Shoplifters…..11:31

Smith v. Conn (Iowa 1968)—The Release of an Original Tort-Feasor Is Not a Bar to Malpractice Action Against Treating Physician…..18:306

Speed v. State (Iowa 1976)—Standard of Care Which General Medical Practitioner Is Held to Is “Such Reasonable Care and Skill as Is Exercised by Ordinary Physician of Good Standing Under Like Circumstances” and Locality in Question Is Merely One Circumstance to Be Considered, Not an Absolute Limit on the Skill Required…..26:232

State Tort Liability—The Design, Construction and Maintenance of Public Highways—Vehicular Accidents 19:33Stokes v. Liberty Mutual Ins. Co. (Fla. 1968)—A Stillborn Fetus May Not Be Included Within the Meaning of a Statute Permitting Recovery for the Wrongful Death of a Minor Child…..18:310

Strict Liability in Tort—An Explosion in Products Liability Law…..20:528

Survey of Iowa Law, Some Tort-Related Statutes…..23:603

Survey of Iowa Tort Law…..20:288

A Synopsis of the Developing Law of Products Liability…..28:317

Taking the Plaintiff as You Find Him…..16:49

Taskett v. King Broadcasting Co. (Wash. 1976)—A Private Individual May Recover Actual Damages for a Statement Libelous Per Se Published by the Public Media If the Defendant Knew, or in the Exercise of Reasonable Care, Should Have Known that the Statement Was False, or Would Create a False Impression in Some Material Respect…..26:464

Tanberg v. Ackerman Investment Co., 473 N.W.2d 193 (Iowa 1991)—A Plaintiff’s Failure to Reasonably Attempt to Follow a Physician’s Advice to Lose Weight May Be Considered an Unreasonable Failure to Mitigate Damages and Therefore May Be Assessed as Fault Under the Iowa Comparative Fault Act…..41:833

Theory and Application of Punitive Damages in Iowa, The…..8:36

Thompson v. Ogeman County Board of Road Commissioners, 357 Mich. 482, 98 N.W.2d 620 (1959)—Action for the Wrongful Death of a Minor Child, May the Parent or Parents of Such Child Recover for the Loss of Possible Contributions the Deceased Child Might Have Made After Reaching Age Twenty-One?, In an…..10:74

Tort Liability of a County, County Official or County Employee in Iowa…..9:41

Tort Liability of Mall Owners for the Criminal Conduct of Third-Parties, The…..36:755

The Tort of Bad Faith Arising from Workers’ Compensation Matters: A Rumbling Volcano…..39:87

The Tort of Bad Faith in Iowa Workers’ Compensation Law…..45:839

Tort Reform—A Delayed Reaction…..36:735

Tort Reform: An Elimination of Rights…..36:699

Tort Reform and Medical Malpractice: Iowa’s Past, Present, and Future…..36:669

Turner v. Turner (Iowa 1981)—An Unemancipated Minor Can Maintain an Action Against His Parent for Negligence Torts Committed Outside the Area of Parental Authority and Discretion…..31:948

Uninsured Motorist Coverage—The Hidden Arrow in the Plaintiff’s Quiver…..12:119

Use of Standards in Products Liability Litigation…..30:283

Wade v. Continental Insurance Co. (8th Cir. 1975)—Death of an Insured Due to Intentional Killing by Member of Family Is to Be Deemed Accidental if the Insured Could Not Reasonably Have Foreseen the Extent of Danger…..24:872

Wagner v. Larson, 136 N.W.2d 312 (Iowa 1965)—Do the Special Rules of Contributory Negligence and Assumption of the Risk, Applicable to Agricultural Employer-Employee Relationships, Modify the Duty of Care Owed by the Employer to His Employee or Are They Defenses to the Question of Liability Once Breach of Duty Has Been Established?…..16:109

Wasserstein v. State (N.Y. 1968)—The State Is Liable in Tort for the Personal Injuries Caused by a Parolee When the State Was Negligent in Not Expeditiously Picking up a Parole Violator…..18:147

Weber v. Madison (Iowa 1977)—Owners of Domestic Geese Are Not Excused from Negligently Permitting Geese to Run at Large Thereby Creating a Hazard to Motorists Even Though Geese Have “Free Commoner” Status and Absent Specific Prohibition Against Fowl Running at Large…..27:186

When a Vending Machine Is Not a Vending Machine…..11:3

“Why Aren’t the Pilots Doing Something?” A Look at the Approaches Courts Use to Handle Claims for Pre-Impact Terror in Airplane Disasters…..47:343

Wilson v. Nepstad (Iowa 1979)—A Municipality Is Liable for Tortious Commissions and Omissions When Authority and Control Over the Fire Safety of Apartments Have Been Delegated to It by Statute and Breach of that Duty Involves a Foreseeable Risk of Injury to an Identifiable Class to Which the Plaintiff Belongs…..29:207

Workmen’s Compensation Third Party Tort-Feasor Actions…..16:93

Wrongful Death Recovery: Quagmire of the Common Law…..34:987

Wrongful Life: The Implications of Suits in Wrongful Life Brought by Children Against Their Parents…..31:411

Yarabek v. Brown, 357 Mich. 120, 97 N.W.2d 797 (1959)—Duty of a Passenger to Warn the Driver of an Approaching Danger in Order to Be Free from Contributory Negligence…..10:141