Contracting Equitably in Real Estate Installment Contracts…..30:361

Financing the Future: Interpreting the “Economic Development Area” Provision of the Iowa TIF Statute…..50:159

The Iowa Law of Real Estate Brokerage…..30:437

Iowa’s Title Guaranty System: Is It Superior to Other State’s Commercial Title Insurance…..51:385

Milholin v. Vorhies (Iowa 1982)—Administrative Law—Brokers: The Iowa Real Estate Commission’s Regulation, Requiring All Listing Agreements to Be in Writing, Is Within the Administrative Agency’s Delegated Authority to Safeguard the Interests of the Public and Thus Renders All Oral Listing Agreements Void by Repealing Iowa’s Common Law…..32:845

Mistake of Fact in the Sale of Real Property…..40:91

Section 1 Sherman Act Liability for Tie-Ins in Condominium Sales…..27:529

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