Absolute Conveyance as a Mortgage in Iowa…..18:197

Acquiring Abandoned Railroad Right of Way in Iowa…..30:545

Appalachian Electric Revisited: The Recapture Provision of the Federal Power Act After Nollan and Kaiser Aetna…..40:533

Blackacre as a Shelf of Securities: Real Estate Syndication…..23:483

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Book Review: Marshall, Iowa Title Opinion and Standards Annotated…..13:106

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A Comment on Family Property Rights and the Proposed 27th Amendment…..22:505

Common Law Remedies Applicable to Solar Energy Obstruction in Iowa…..29:433

Constitutional Jurisprudence in the Eyes of the Beholder: Preventing Harms and Providing Benefits in American Takings Law…..45:51

Contacting Equitably in Real Estate Installment Contracts…..30:361

Current Interest Areas of Landlord-Tenant Law in Iowa…..22:376

Direct Restraints on Alienation in Iowa…..22:342

Duration of Restrictive Covenants…..1:14

The Duty Owed by Land Occupiers in Iowa…..20:159

Enforcement of Restrictive Covenants in Iowa…..9:133

Equitable Conversion and Its Effect on Risk of Loss in Executory Contracts for the Sale of Real Property…..22:626

The Farm Operation Agreement—Partnership or Lease…..6:37

Federal Tax Liens, Their Priority and Enforcement…..10:3

Financing the Future: Interpreting the “Economic Development Area” Provision of the Iowa TIF Statute…..50:159

Fixtures, Security Interests and the New Article 9…..22:637

Gustafason v. Central Iowa Mutual Insurance Association (Iowa 1978)—An Insured May Recover Under a Policy of Insurance for Damage to or the Destruction of an Insured Building Even if the Building Is Repaired or Replaced at No Cost to the Insured Under a Builder’s Warranty…..28:998

Has Recent Legislation Limited Private Riparian Rights in Iowa…..8:59

Highway Noise: To Compensate or Not to Compensate…..30:145

Implied Warranty of Habitability in Housing Leases…..21:300

Invading the Homestead Exemption…..2:3

The Iowa “Stale Uses and Reversions Statute”: Parameters and Constitutional Limitations…..19:56

The Iowa Law of Real Estate Brokerage…..30:437

The Iowa Personal Earnings Exemption…..2:45

The Iowa Title Standards I…..2:76

The Iowa Title Standards II…..3:36

The Iowa Title Standards III…..3:87

Land Patents: Are They an Escape from Foreclosure?…..36:561

Land Tenure Arrangements for Nature Conservation in the UK…..45:83

The Law of Water Distribution in Iowa and South Dakota: A Comparison of the Riparian and Appropriative Systems…..20:256

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Mechanic’s Liens in Iowa…..30:39

The Mechanics of Iowa’s Marketable Title Legislation…..22:326

Municipal Lifeguards: The Constitutionality of Condemning and Refinancing Underwater Mortgages…..62:243

The New Iowa Land Title Examination…..34:589

Not in My Neighborhood: The Fight Against Large-Scale Animal Feeding Operations in Rural Iowa, Preemptive Tactics, and the Doctrine of Anticipatory Nuisance…..55:497

Partial-Homestead Buildings…..2:23

Perfecting a Security Interest in Future Rents from Mortgaged Property…..40:287

Planning for Administration of Estates and Trusts…..13:113

Possibility of Reverter in Iowa…..12:99

Prolonging the Nonconforming Use: Judicial Restriction of the Power to Zone in Iowa…..8:23

Proprietary and Probate Law…..20:303

“Public Use” for Purposes of Eminent Domain, in Iowa…..13:95

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Section 2032A: Did We Save the Family Farm?…..29:15

Seller Beware: Mandatory Disclosure Provisions in Iowa PUT Sellers of Residential Real Estate on Alert…..50:569

Special Assessments for Public Improvements in Iowa—Part I—From Birth of the Idea to Soliciting Bids…..12:3

Special Assessments for Public Improvements in Iowa—Part II—Further Pre-Assessment Procedure…..13:25

Special Assessments for Public Improvements in Iowa—Part III—Making the Assessment…..14:3

Special Assessments for Public Improvements in Iowa—Part IV—Judicial Review…..15:3

Special Assessments for Public Improvements in Iowa—Part V—Reassessment, Collection, Liability and Conclusion…..16:3

Subrogation: A Landlord-Tenant Problem…..4:79

The Tenancy at Will at Iowa…..2:30

Tenant Self-Help Remedies Under the Iowa Residential Landlord-Tenant Act: Iowa Tenants Join the Twentieth Century…..28:407

Title Covenants for the Iowa Homeowner—Some Good News and Much Bad News…..23:1

Title Insurance and the Title Insurance Industry…..22:711

Title Problems in Connection with Federal Tax Liens…..10:28

Tort Liability of a Landlord to His Tenant…..10:132

The Unrecorded Sales Tax Lien…..5:51

Urban Concentration and Land Exactions for Recreational Use: Some Constitutional Problems in Mandatory Dedication Ordinances in Iowa…..22:71