Assignments of Accounts Receivable—A Comment on Recent Iowa Legislation…..6:25

Before a Bill Becomes a Law—Constitutional Form…..8:66

A Choice of Remedies for the Credit Consumer—The Federal “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act” and the “Iowa Debt Collection Practices Act”…..27:489

Conducting Corporate Business and Meetings under the New Iowa Business Corporation Act…..40:755

The Contract Clause Prohibits Retroactive Repeal of a Statutory Covenant Involving Purely a Financial Obligation Between a State and Bondholders Unless the Contractual Impairment Caused by Repeal Is Both Reasonable and Necessary to Serve an Important Public Purpose…..27:574

Contract in Iowa Revisited—1959-1964…..13:131

Developing a Consistent Standard for Evaluating a Retaliation Case Under Federal and State Civil Rights Statutes and State Common Law Claims: An Iowa Model for the Nation…..53:359

Dissenters’ Rights and Fundamental Changes Under the New Iowa Business Corporation Act…..40:733

Does the Past Predict the Future?: An Empirical Analysis of Recent Iowa Supreme Court Use of Legislative History as a Window into Statutory Construction in Iowa…..63:239

Duties of the Board of Directors Under the Iowa Business Corporation Act…..40:687

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993: A Survey of the Act’s History, Purpose, Provisions, and Social Ramifications…..44:51

The Federal Flood Control Act: Congressional Development of a Modern-Day Ark…..44:303

Fighting for Regulation: Mixed Martial Arts Legislation in the United States…..58:617

Financing the Future: Interpreting the “Economic Development Area” Provision of the Iowa TIF Statute…..50:159

Foreword (Iowa Business Corporation Act Issue)…..40:669

Fuhrman v. Total Petroleum, Inc., 398 N.W.2d 807 (Iowa 1987)—In Passing the Dram Shop Act, Iowa Code § 123.92, the Legislature Preempted the Entire Field of Possible Recoveries Against Commercial Suppliers of Alcoholic Beverages Based Upon the Sale or Furnishing of Such Beverages; No Common Law Right to Recover in Negligence Remains to Those Injured as a Result of Such Sale or Furnishing, Even Where the Suit Is Based on an Illegal Action Not Covered by the Dram Shop Act…..37:537

Heeding the Lessons of History: The Need for Mandatory Recording of Police Interrogations to Accurately Assess the Reliability and Voluntariness of Confessions…..52:619

Hog Wild: A Look at the Issue of Meatpacker Ownership of Livestock at the Federal and State Level…..52:793

“Home Rule” for Iowa Cities and Towns?…..13:53

Iowa Banks’ Expanded Investment Authority: A Selective Analysis of the 1987 Changes to Iowa Code Section 524.901…..37:597

Iowa Business Corporation Act: Divisions I, IV, V and XV…..40:673

The Iowa Business Corporation Act: Corporate Governance Through the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws…..40:805

The Iowa Mobile Home Park Landlord-Tenant Relationship: Present Eviction Procedures and Needed Reforms…..53:181

The Iowa Second Injury Fund—Time for Change…..39:101

Iowa Stamps on Drugs:   A Constitutional Analysis of Iowa Code Chapter 453B…..44:81

Item Veto Amendment to the Iowa Constitution…..18:245

Item Veto Litigation in Iowa: Marking the Boundaries Between Legislative and Executive Power…..41:1

Justice Still Fails: A Review of Recent Efforts to Compensate Individuals Who Have Been Unjustly Convicted and Later Exonerated…..52:703

Legislating Surrogate Parenting Arrangements in Iowa: The Aftereffects of the “Baby-M” Decision…..38:103

The Need for an Iowa Post-Conviction Hearing Statute…..18:98

The Mental Health Parity Act of 1996: Let It Sunset if Real Changes Are Not Made…..52:553

Nevada’s Mastrobuono: How the 2001 Legislature Threw Another Wrench into the Punitive Damages Machine of Arbitration Law…..51:189

Open Meetings and Closed Minds: Another Road to the Mountaintop…..53:11

Organizing a Corporation Under Iowa’s Business Corporation Act…..40:837

Pharmaceutical Product Selection in Iowa…..26:170

PostConviction DNA Evidence: A 500 Pound Gorilla in State Court…..50:695

Revealing Redundancy: The Tension Between Federal Sovereign Immunity and Nonstatutory Review…..54:77

Spyware: Covertly Infringing on Your Internet Privacy While Circumventing the Federal Legislation Radar…..54:233

The State of the Nation, Not the State of the Record: Finding Problems with Judicial “Review” of the Eleventh Amendment Abrogation Legislation…..53:421

State v. Mabry, 460 N.W.2d 472 (Iowa 1990)—A Statutory Provision Enacted in Violation of Iowa’s “Single-Subject” Rule May Not Be Challenged Once Incorporated into a General Revision or Code…..41:351

The Status of Emancipated Minors in Iowa: The Case for a Clearly Drafted Statute…..44:39

“Talk 2 U L8R”—Why Cell Phones and Driving Have “G2G”: An Analysis of the Dangers of Cell Phone Use While Driving…..59:217

Ten Years With the Iowa Criminal Code…..38:831

When a Vending Machine Is Not a Vending Machine…..11:3

Why We Need Net Neutrality Legislation Now or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Trust the FCC…..58:1149