Age Discrimination in Employment and the Benefit Plan Defense: Trends in the Federal and Iowa Courts…..30:617

Analysis of the Iowa Public Employment Relations Act…..24:1

Arbitration, the Courts, Technological Change and Craft Definition: Railroad Fireman v. Diesel Locomotives…..19:93

Charles City Educ. Ass’n v. PERB (Iowa 1980)—The Scope of the Term “Wages” Does Not Include the Nature of Post Graduate Hours Necessary for Advancement Along a District Pay Schedule…..30:407

Civil Consequences of Conviction for a Felony…..12:141

Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector: A Survey of Major Options…..18:26

Collective Bargaining: Insistence, but Only to a Point…..22:365

Competition Between Employer and Employee: Drafting and Enforcing Restrictive Covenants in Employment Agreements…..35:261

The Conflict of the Courts: RICO, Labor, and Legal Preemption in Union Comprehensive Campaigns…..51:307

Contract Terminations of Iowa Public School Teachers: Considerations of the Substantive Content of “Just Cause” for Termination…..30:123

Developing a Consistent Standard for Evaluating a Retaliation Case Under Federal and State Civil Rights Statutes and State Common Law Claims: An Iowa Model for the Nation…..53:359

Donovan v. Missouri Farmer’s Ass’n (8th Cir. 1982)—The Toxic Effects of Decomposing Grain in Confined Spaces Constitute Recognized Hazards to the Safety of Employees of Grainhandling Industries for the Purpose of the General Duty Clause of the Occupational Safety and Health Act…..32:531

“Employers” Subject to the Iowa Employment Securities Law…..4:28

Employment at Will in Iowa: A Journey Forward…..39:67

Employment at Will in Iowa: Is It the Rule or the Exception?…..39:157

Employment Torts: Emerging Areas of Employer Liability…..39:3

The Fair Labor Standards Act—Its Application to Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Schools…..19:177

Foreword: The Evolving Concepts of Employment Law…..39:1

The Great Society and the Constitution of Opportunity…..62:1017

Impasse Resolution in Public Sector Collective Bargaining: The Need to Reevaluate Options…..28:547

Impasse Resolution Under the Iowa Public Employment Relations Act: A Defense of Factfinding…..30:561

In the Defense of Unpaid Internships: Proposing a Workable Test for Eliminating Illegal Internships …..63:341

Iowa City Community School v. City Education Association (Iowa 1983)—Arbitration Award Reversing School District’s Determination that Teacher’s Performance Was Unsatisfactory Is Subject to Narrow Scope of Review Modeled on Federal Precedent and Neither Arbitrator’s Mistaken Conclusions of Fact or Law, Nor Public Policy Favoring Quality Education, Supports Overturning Award…..35:249

Iowa Disability Discrimination in Employment: An Overview and Critique…..40:305

The Iowa Employment Security Act (Unemployment Compensation)…..11:125

“Le roi est mort; vive le roi!”: An Essay on The Quiet Demise of McDonnell Douglas and the Transformation of Every Title VII Case After Desert Palace, Inc. v. Costa into a Mixed Motives Case…..52:71

“Le roi est mort” Redux: Section 703(m), Costa, McDonnell Douglas, and the Title VII Revolution—A Reply…..52:427

The Legal Foundations for State Laws Granting Labor Unions Access to Employer Property…..62:689

Legal Remedies and Practical Considerations in Dealing with a Wildcat Strike…..22:46

Linden Lumber Division, Summer & Co. v. NLRB (U.S. Sup. Ct. 1974)—A Union With Authorization Cards Purporting to Represent a Majority of Employees in an Appropriate Bargaining Unit Which is Denied Recognition by the Employer has the Burden of Invoking the NLRB Election Procedure, Unless the Employer Engages in Unfair Labor Practices Which Tend to Impair the Electoral Process…..24:709

Linn v. United Plant Guard Workers, 383 U.S. 53 (1966)—Defamation and the Doctrine of Preemption Under the National Labor Relations Act…..16:106

Losing at Dodgeball: Understanding the Supreme Court’s Implied Authorization of Consent in Executive Benefits Insurance Agency v. Arkison and Why Revision of 28 U.S.C. § 157(B) is Critical for Clarity…..63:109

McDonnell Douglas: Alive and Well…..52:383

“No Song Unsung, No Wine Untasted”—Employee Addictions, Dependencies, and Post-Discharge Rehabilitation: Another Look at the Victim Defense in Labor Arbitration…..47:399

Price v. King, 122 N.W.2d 318 (Iowa 1963)—May Compensation Carrier Intervene in Employee’s Action Against Third-party Tortfeasor? ….14:69

Procedures for Collective Bargaining Under the Iowa Public Employment Relations Act…..27:474

Protecting Consumers from Themselves: Consumer Law and the Vulnerable Consumer…..63:157

Secondary Boycotts Under Labor and Antitrust: A Choice of Policy…..23:653

Sex Discrimination in Employment: A Survey of State and Federal Remedies…..20:417

Sex Discrimination in Employment: Current Federal Practice…..24:515

Subcontracting, Plant Closures and Plant Removals: The Duty to Bargain and Its Practical Implications Upon the Employment Relationship…..30:203

Turning the Key: Ensuring Evidentiary Privileges as Labor Counsel…..45:491

Who’s “In Charge” at the EEOC?…..50:1

Workmen’s Compensation: Recoveries for Heart Disease…..4:133