2010 Justice Kilbride Retention in Illinois…..60:843

An Alabama Case Study: Reforming Judicial Selection After Butler v. Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission (and Republican Party of Minnesota v. White)—Where Do We Go from Here?…..55:653

An Announce Clause by Any Other Name: The Unconstitutionality of Disciplining Judges Who Fail to Disqualify Themselves for Exercising Their Freedom to Speak…..55:723

Citizens United Impact on Judicial Elections…..60:685

A Coin on the Tracks: Can Big Money and Politics Derail Judicial Impartiality Through Election Spending?…..60:715


Foreword: The Legacy of Republican Party of Minnesota v. White: Judicial Independence, Judicial Selection, and the First Amendment in the Post-White Era…..55:597

Free Speech for Judges and Fair Appeals for Litigants: Judicial Recusal in a Post-White World…..55:691

Impacts of White…..55:625

Introduction: A Panel Discussion on Citizens United Impact on Judicial Elections…..60:681

Kentucky 2006 Judicial Elections…..55:637

The New Storm of Money and Politics Around Judicial Retention Elections…..60:703

Online Campaigning in 2006 State Supreme Court Elections…..55:671