“Accident” in the Insurance Context: Some Definitional Problems…..23:721

Adams v. Weinberger (8th Cir. 1977)—A Chronic Alcoholic’s Social Security Claim Cannot Be Denied Upon the Basis of Either a Lack of Significant Organ Damage that Precludes Working or Claimant’s Ability to Remedy His Affliction Voluntarily…..26:874

Advance Liability Insurance Payments: An Iowa View…..18:218

Agent-Broker Negligence Actions: Pitfalls for Insurance Providers and Ammunition for Consumers…..44:835

AIDS: The Challenge to Life and Health Insurers’ Freedom of Contract…..35:709

Amco Insurance Co. v. Haht, 490 N.W.2d 843 (Iowa 1992)—A Homeowners Insurance Policy Exclusion for Bodily Injury “Expected or Intended by the Insured” Precludes Liability Coverage Only for Those Exact Injuries Specifically Expected or Intended by the Insured…..42:921

American States Insurance Co. v. Estate of Tollari (Iowa 1985)—A Policyholder Is Entitled to Recover on His Own Underinsured Motorist Coverage the Difference Between His Loss and the Amount of the Tortfeasor’s Liability Insurance Available to the Policyholder, Subject to the Limits of the Underinsurance Policy…..35:899

The Americans with Disabilities Act: An End to Discrimination Against HIV/AIDS Patients or Simply Another Loophole to Bypass?…..52:523

Amsden v. Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Co. (Iowa 1972)—An Insurer Is Under an Implied-in-law Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing in the Settlement of Claims by the Insured, the Breach of Which May Constitute the Element of Outrageous Conduct in a Prima Facie Case for the Tort of Intentional Infliction of Severe Emotional Distress…..23:210

The Antitrust Implications of Credit Insurance Tying Arrangements…..32:861

The Applicability of Anti-Trust Laws to the Insurance Industry…..22:810

Application of the Transfer for Value Rule Under Internal Revenue Code Section 101(a)…..28:953

Arson—Defense of a Fraudulent Property Insurance Claim…..35:831

The Authority of the States Over Debtor Coercion by Federal Savings and Loan Associations…..27:651

Auxier v. Woodward State Hospital School (Iowa 1978)—A Minimum of Thirty Days Notice and an Opportunity to Be Heard Must Be Given Prior to Termination of Workers’ Compensation Benefits…..27:736

Avoiding the “Incidents of Ownership” Under Section 2042, While Controlling the Distribution of Life Insurance Proceeds…..23:820

Bankers Life Co. v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Co. (Iowa 1985)—A Rider to a Blanket Surety Bond Will Not Limit Liability Unless It Is Drafted to Eliminate Language to the Contrary in the Bond’s Non-reduction of Liability Provision…..35:907

Bankers Life Co. v. United States (8th Cir. 1978)—Life Insurance Agents’ Debit Balances and Mortgage Escrow Funds Are Considered Assets for Tax Purposes While the Loading Portion of Due and Deferred Premiums Are Not Assets Within the Meaning of the Life Insurance Company Income Tax Act of 1959…..27:784

Bierkamp v. Rogers (Iowa 1980)—Section 321.494 of the Iowa Code Violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Iowa Constitution Because the Classifications Created by the Guest Statute Are Not Substantially and Rationally Related to the State Purposes of Fostering Hospitality and Preventing Collusive Recoveries Against Insurance Companies…..29:833

Bramall v. Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (Cal. Ct. App. 1978)—Injuries Sustained by an Employee While Traveling to and from Work Are Compensable and Within the Dual Purpose Exception to the Going and Coming Rule Where the Home Has Been Established as a Second Jobsite, the Business Purpose of the Journey Is Concurrent With that of the Personal Purpose and There Is an Incidental Benefit to the Employer…..27:769

Brown v. Equitable Life Insurance Co., 60 Wis. 2d 620, 211 N.W.2d 431 (1973)—The Unambiguous “Satisfaction Type” Receipt Provides that Insurability Shall Be a Condition Precedent to Effective Life Insurance Coverage and Is Not Contrary to Law or Public Policy…..23:829

Business Interruption Insurance, A Legal Primer…..24:799

Captive Insurance Agent—A Last Hurrah for an Independent Contractor?…..25:845

Catastrophe Insurance Futures Contracts: A New Jurisdictional Question for Regulatory Agencies?…..42:885

Chapter 507C—The Supervision, Rehabilitation and Liquidation of Insurance Companies in Iowa: Where No Person Has Gone Before…..36:317

City of Cedar Rapids v. Northwestern National Insurance Co. (Iowa 1981)—Punitive Damages Assessed Against an Insured Governmental Sub-Division for Tort Claims Arising Under Iowa Code Chapter 613A Are Recoverable from the Insurer Under a General Liability Policy…..31937

Claims Practices…..21:699

Competing “Other Insurance” Clauses Under Iowa Law: A New Direction?…..46:835

The Concept of Death: Modern Definitional Problems and Their Impact Upon the Insurance Industry…..21:734

Conflicts Regarding the “No Subrogation Against Insured” Rule…..29:811

Confusion Over Conflicts of Interest: Is There a Bright Line for Insurance Defense Counsel?…..41:731

Connie’s Construction Co. v. Continental Western Insurance Co. (Iowa 1975)—Act of Insured’s Employees in Placing Too Long a Cable on a Crane Held to Be an External Cause Within the Scope of the Applicable Equipment Policy…..24:880

The Constitutionality of No-Fault Insurance: The Courts Speak…..26:794

Continental Casualty Co. v. Reserve Insurance Co. (Minn. 1976)—An Excess Insurer Who Settles a Case Against an Insured Prior to Trial Can Recover from the Primary Insurer the Amount of the Latter’s Policy Limits if Liability on the Part of the Insured and Bad Faith on the Part of the Primary Insurer Are Established…..25:923

Contracts in Iowa Revisited—1958-1963…..13:3

Contracts in Iowa Revisited—1966…..15:61

Contracts in Iowa Revisited—Third Party Beneficiaries and Assignments…..6:3

Craig v. IMT Insurance Co., 407 N.W.2d 584 (Iowa 1987)—Parents of an Unborn but Viable Fetus Can Maintain an Action for Loss of Consortium Under the Uninsured Motorist Provisions of Their Automobile Insurance Policy upon the Death of Their Child…..37:731

Defending Sexual Molestation Claims Under a Comprehensive General Liability Policy: Issues of Scope, Occurrence, and Expert Witness Testimony…..39:477

Defining “Relative,” “Member of the Household,” “Member of the Family,” or “Resident” Within the Meaning of Homeowner’s and Automobile Liability Policies…..26:824

Does My Health Insurance Cover It? Using Evidence-Based Medicine and Binding Arbitration Techniques to Determine What Therapies Fall Under Experimental Exclusion in Health Insurance Contracts…..54:473

The Emerging Regulation of Reinsurance Intermediaries…..42:859

Employers’ Liability Insurance: A New Policy Unveiled…..33:863

Emotional Distress Damages and the Tort of Insurance Bad Faith…..46:717

The ERISA Amendment Provision As a Disclosure Function: Including Workable Termination Procedures in the Functional Purpose of Section 402(b)(3)…..46:755

ERISA, FASB, and Benefit Plan Amendments: A Section 402(b)(3) Violation As a Loss Contingency for a Plan Amendment…..46:97

Establishing a Total Quality Approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution for Insurers…..41:711

Everything a Bankrupt Needs to Know About Life Insurance but Wasn’t Told…..22:146

The Evolution of a No-Fault Dilemma: The Motorcycle…..22:750

An Examination of the 1984 Requirement that All Insurance Policies Must Qualify as Integrated Contracts Pursuant to State Law…..34:885

Exclusions for Owned but Not Insured in Uninsured Motorist Provisions—What Are States Really Driving at in Their Decisions?…..43:917

Expanding Liability Coverage: Insured Contracts and Additional Insureds…..44:781

Family Exclusion Clauses Void in Automobile Insurance Policies…..35:817

Farm & City Insurance Co. v. Coover (Iowa 1975)—An Injured Person Whose Loss May Be Indemnified by the Liability Insurance of Another Is a Proper Party Defendant in a Declaratory Judgment Action Brought by the Insurer to Determine the Extent of Policy Coverage…..24:887

Farmers Insurance Group v. Merryweather, 214 N.W.2d 184 (Iowa 1974)—Under the Present Form of Iowa Code Section 515.81 (1973), an Insurer’s Mailed Notice of Cancellation Must Be Received by the Insured to Be Effective…..23:835

Federal and State Definitions of Health Maintenance Organizations…..23:782

A Federal Depository Institutions Life Insurance System…..33:591

Federal Estate Taxation of Life Insurance: You Can’t Take It with You and It’s Often Hard to Leave It Behind…..21:682

Federal Securities Law and Variable Annuity Contracts…..24:839

Federal Tax Treatment of Medical Malpractice Insurance Alternatives for Nonprofits…..52:495

Fidelity Gen. Ins. Co. v. Nelson Steel & Wire Co., 270 N.E.2d 616 (Ill. App. 1971)—The Reimbursement Clause in an Insurance Rental Agreement Cannot Be So Broad that It Unreasonably or Deceptively Affects the Risks Which Are Purported to Be Assumed by the Policy…..21:766

Final Argument in Iowa…..15:115

The First Party Dilemma: Bad Faith or Bad Business?…..34:1031

First Party Insurance: Claims, Practices and Procedures in Light of Extra-Contractual Damage Actions…..27:666

First Party Torts—Extra-Contractual Liability of Insurers Who Violate the Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing…..25:900

For Better or for Worse? The Iowa Supreme Court’s Decision to Compensate the Innocent Coinsured Spouse in Sager v. Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company…..54:561

Freed v. Bankers Life Insurance Co., 216 N.W.2d 357 (Iowa 1974)—Incontestable Clause in Group Life Insurance Policy Bars Insurer from Defending Against Claim on Ground Decedent Was Not an Eligible Employee for Insurance under Terms of the Policy…..23:842

Freeman v. Bonnes Trucking, Inc. (Iowa 1983)—Under Section 515.80 of the Iowa Code, Which Requires that a Thirty-Day Notice of Nonpayment of Premiums Be Sent to the Insured Before Cancellation of an Insurance Policy Is Effective, the Failure of the Group Health Insurer to Send Notice Directly to the Insured Employee Makes Cancellation Ineffective as to that Employee…..33:945

Funding Stock Redemption Plans Under Sections 302 and 303 with Life Insurance…..22:775

A General Survey of Causes of Action Available to an Insured or Applicant Against an Insurance Agent, Broker, or Insurance Company for Failure to Procure the Proper Coverage Requested…..33:899

Genetic Testing and Insurance: Apocalypse Now?…..40:507

Glenns Falls Group Insurance Corp. v. Hoium, 200 N.W.2d 184 (Minn. 1972)—A Liability Insurer May Be Compelled to Participate in the Defense of Its Insured Even When Strong Evidence of an Intentional Tort Creates a Conflict of Interests Between Them…..22:824

Governance of Mutual Insurance Companies: A Call for Reform…..29:693

Gronquist v. Transit Cas. Co. (N.J. Super. 1969)—A Passenger in a Vehicle Is Using that Vehicle Within the Coverage of the Omnibus Clause of a Liability Policy…..19:223

Group Life & Health Insurance Co. v. Royal Drug Co. (U.S. Sup. Ct. 1979)—“Pharmacy Agreements” Between Health Insurance Company and Pharmacies, Whereby Pharmacies Receive Reimbursement of Acquisition Costs for Prescription Drugs Furnished Policyholders at Two Dollars a Prescription, Is Not the “Business of Insurance”…..28:977

Gustafson v. Central Iowa Mutual Insurance Association (Iowa 1979)—An Insured May Recover Under a Policy of Insurance for Damage to or the Destruction of an Insured Building Even If the Building Is Repaired or Replaced at No Cost to the Insured Under a Builder’s Warranty…..28:998

Hem v. American Family Mutual Insurance Co. (Iowa 1989)—The Word Incurred as Used in the Medical Coverage Clauses of Standard Automobile Insurance Policies Does Not Cover Anticipated Medical Costs…..20:195

Henriksen v. Younglove Construction: Subject Matter Jurisdiction Based Solely on the Claimant’s Iowa Domicile…..45:859

HIPAA in Real Time: Practical Implications of the Federal Privacy Rule…..51:403

The Impact of Increased State Regulation of Insurance Mergers and Acquisitions on Federal Antimerger Regulation…..27:638

Implementation of Full Disclosure of Policy Value in the Life Insurance Contract…..24:809

Infertility: The Unrecognized Illness in the Health Insurance Industry…..39:617

Information Disclosure to the Life Insurance Consumer…..24:727

Informational Privacy in the Insurance Relationship—A Review of the Privacy Protection Study Commission’s Insurance Recommendations…..27:605

Inhouse Defenders of Insureds: Some Ethical Consideration…..46:881

Insolvent Insurers: Who Will Bear the Burden—The Excess Carriers, the Guaranty Associations, or the Insured?…..38:675

Insurers’ Rights of Subrogation Against Tenants: The Begotten Union Between Equity and Her Beloved…..55:541

The Insurable Interest Requirement for Life Insurance: A Critical Reassessment…..53:477

Insurance Activities of Banks and Bank Holding Companies: A Survey of Current Issues and Regulations…..29:743

Insurance and Its Role in the Struggle Between Protecting Pollution Victims and the Producers of Pollution…..31:913

Insurance Coverage for Mass Exposure Tort Claims: The Debate over the Appropriate Trigger Rule…..45:625

Insurance Crisis: Fact and Fiction…..36:745

Insurance Issues in Hazardous Waste Cases…..39:881

Insurance Settlements: An Insured’s Bad Faith…..31:877

Insurance Solution or Tort Reform?—Iowa Joins the Nationwide Examination of Proposed Product Liability Legislation…..29:113

Insurance—Judicial Construction: The Final Stop for Interpretation of Exclusionary Provisions…..29:793

Insurer Insolvencies and Guaranty Associations…..43:813

An Insurer’s Bad Faith Refusal to Pay a Valid First Party Claim: A Tort Whose Time Has Come in Iowa…..32:987

Insurer’s Liability to Insured for Judgments Exceeding Policy Limits…..7/2:23

Insurers’ and Courts’ Response to High Dose Chemotherapy with Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant in the Treatment of Breast Cancer: A Tragedy or Necessity…..43:863

Insurers and Genetic Testing: Shopping for that Perfect Set of Genes…..40:121

The Interplay of the Regimes of Antitrust, Competition and State Insurance Regulation on the Business of Insurance…..28:767

Iowa Insurance Law…..19:368

Iowa Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Law II…..4:86

Iowa Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Law III…..5:31

Iowa Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Law IV…..17:25

Iowa Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Law, 1953…..3:3

Iowa’s Prohibition of Title Insurance—Leadership or Folly?…..33:683

Iowa’s Title Guaranty System: Is It Superior to Other State’s Commercial Title Insurance…..51:385

The Irrational Trend Toward Mandatory Maternity Coverage…..26:758

Johnson v. Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. (Iowa 1978)—Arbitration Under an Arbitration Clause in an Uninsured Motorist Endorsement Is Not a Condition Precedent to Bring Suit and Where Insured Invokes Arbitration by Written Demand, the Obligation Rests With the Insurer to Do What Is Necessary to Obtain the Services of the American Arbitration Association…..28:989

Johnson v. United Investors Life Ins. Co. (Iowa 1978)—Reformation of Policy May Be Obtained on Ground of Mutual Mistake Even Where Agent’s Representations Exceed Principal’s Scope of Business…..27:749

Judicial Approaches to Stipulated Judgments, Assignments of Rights, and Covenants Not to Execute in Insurance Litigation…..47:853

Lambert v. Sisters of Mercy Health Corp. (Iowa 1985)—Iowa Code Section 147.136, Which Abrogates the Collateral Source Rule With Respect to Medical Malpractice Claims, Does Not Violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution Where It Fails to Distinguish Between Insured and Self-Insured Medical Providers…..35:883

Lepic v. Iowa Mutual Insurance Co., 402 N.W.2d 758 (Iowa 1987)—“Each Person” Liability Limit of Insurance Policies Encompasses Recovery for All Claims Which Arise from One Bodily Injury Including Claim for Parents’ Loss of Consortium…..37:741

Liability Considerations Concerning Insurance Agents and Brokers…..22:738

Liability of Insurers for Negligence in Inspection of Insured Premises…..50:623

Life Insurance and the Consumer: At What Price Disclosure…..26:857

Life Insurance in Estate Planning—Taxation and Uses Today…..35:773

Life Insurance Trusts in the Estate Plan…..43:847

“Litigation Insurance”: Consequences of an Insurance Company’s Wrongful Refusal to Defend…..44:743

Management of Interparty and Third-Party Liability for Routine Space Shuttle Operations…..26:741

McAndrews v. Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. (Iowa 1984)—An Insurer Has No Duty to Defend Its Insured in an Assault and Battery Action Irrespective of the Insured’s Claim of Self-Defense When Facts at the Outset of the Case Establish that the Insured Acted Intentionally Within the Meaning of an Exclusion for Intentional Injury in His Personal Liability Policy…..34:1081

McDonald v. Home Ins. Co., 97 N.J. Super. 501, 235 A.2d 480 (1967)—The Automobile Exclusionary Clause of the “Homeowner’s” Insurance Policy Does Not Exclude All Injuries Arising Out of Automobile Accidents…..18:132

Medical Payment Subrogation Provisions: Will Iowa Adopt the Majority View?…..33:929

Medical Utilization Review: The New Frontier for Medical Malpractice Claims?…..41:113

Mental Disability Caused by Mental Stress: Standards of Proof in Workers’ Compensation Cases…..33:751

The Mental Health Parity Act of 1996: Let It Sunset if Real Changes Are Not Made…..52:553

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. v. Ward, 470 U.S. 869 (1985)—An Alabama Domestic Preference Tax Statute that Taxes Out-of-State Insurance Companies at a Rate Higher than Domestic Insurance Companies Violates the Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution…..35:921

Miss-and-Run Accidents and the Physical Contact Requirement: An Unfair Advantage for Insurance Companies in the Insurance Capital of the Heartland…..54:535

No Policy, No Problem? How Insureds Are Finding Coverage Even Though They Can’t Find Their Policies…..50:611

Penalties and Interest in Iowa Workers’ Compensation Law: Statutory Construction, Common Law Legislation, and Everything In-Between and Beyond…..45:871

Pending Crime Victim Compensation Legislation in Iowa: An Analysis…..26:838

Permanent Partial Disability Under Workers’ Compensation: Schedule Exclusivity Versus Impaired Earning Capacity…..33:885

Peterson v. Farmers Casualty Co. (Iowa 1975)—Negligence of Insurance Company’s Attorney in Failing to Perfect Appeal from Adverse Judgment Against Insured Held Imputable to Insurance Company and Rendered Insurer Liable for Judgment in Excess of Coverage…..24:865

Pirkl v. Northwestern Mutual Insurance Association (Iowa 1984)—Iowa Does Not Recognize an Independent Tort Action for an Insurer’s Bad Faith Failure to Settle First-Party Claims…..33:955

Planning for Administration of Estates and Trusts…..13:113

Potential Federal Intervention in the Insurance Industry: The Pending United States Senate Subcommittee Draft to Amend the McCarran-Ferguson Act…..28:926

A Practitioner’s Guide to Litigating Punitive Damages After BMW of North America, Inc. v. Gore…..47:661

Pregnancy and Disability Insurance…..23:806

Prepaid Legal Services…..22:687

Price v. King, 122 N.W.2d 318 (Iowa 1963)—May Compensation Carrier Intervene in Employee’s Action Against Third-party Tortfeasor?…..14:69

Property Insurance and the Innocent Co-Insured: Was It All Pay and No Gain for the Innocent Co-Insured?…..43:893

Punitive Damages: An Unsettled Doctrine…..25:870

Pyramiding Uninsured Motorist Coverage—Has Iowa Joined the Majority?…..23:746

Reasonable Expectations: Contract Ambiguity v. Arbitrary Application…..34:1065

Reasonable Expectations: The Insurer’s Dilemma…..24:853

Reassessing the “Sophisticated” Policyholder Defense in Insurance Coverage Litigation…..42:807

Recent Developments in Mental/Mental Cases Under the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Law…..45:809

Reconsidering the Duty to Settle…..42:741

The Regulatory Challenge to Life Insurance Classification…..25:779

The Reinsurance Facility: A New Approach to the Residual Auto Insurance Market Problem…..22:768

Restructuring Mutual Life Insurance Companies: A Practical Guide Through the Process…..49:513

The Rights of Policyholders in an Insurance Demutualization…..41:657

Roach v. Churchman, 431 F.2d 849 (8th Cir. 1970)—Carrying of Passengers in Violation of Regulations Did Not Render Applicable the Exclusionary Clauses Pertaining to Flight in Violation of the Terms and Limitations of the Pilot’s Certificate…..21:195

Rodman v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., 208 N.W.2d 903 (Iowa 1973)—Legislative Intent in Enacting Uninsured Motorist Coverage Statute Is to Assure Protection to an Insured Against Motorists Whose Liability to Insured Is Not Covered at the Time of the Accident…..23:850

Rogers v. Robson, Masters, Ryan, Brumund & Belom, 81 Ill. 2d 201, 407 N.E.2d 47 (1980)—Settlement of a Medical Malpractice Suit by an Attorney Without the Insured’s Consent Constitutes a Breach of the Attorney-Client Relationship, Even When the Attorney Has the Authority to Settle Under the Insurance Contract, Unless There Is a Prior Full and Frank Disclosure by the Attorney to the Insured of All Material Facts and Circumstances…..30:937

Rudolph v. Iowa Methodist Medical Center (Iowa 1980)—Iowa Code Section 147.136, Which Abolishes the Collateral Source Rule in Medical Malpractice Cases, Is Not Unconstitutional, Based Upon a Rational Relationship Test…..29:849

Sarthe v. Brewer, 184 N.W.2d 668 (Minn. 1971)—In Cases of Concurrent Coverage of the Same Risk, Consideration Will Be Given to the Total Insurable Circumstances Rather than Resorting to a Mechanical Formula…..21:761

Scope of Advertising Injury Under Iowa Law in Commercial General Liability Policies…..48:625

The Second Injury Fund of Iowa: How Complex Can a Simple Concept Become?…..28:889

Selected Legal Issues Affecting a State’s Movement Towards Health Care Reform…..42:711

Shinrone, Inc. v. Insurance Co. of North America (8th Cir. 1978)—Insured May Recover Under Policy When Included Risk Is the Dominant and Proximate Cause of Loss, Even Though Factors Expressly Excluded in the Policy Contributed to the Damage…..27:761

Should an Insured Be Rewarded for Not Reading the Policy?…..41:705

Skyline Harvestore Systems, Inc. v. Centennial Insurance Co. (Iowa 1983)—Public Policy Does Not Preclude Payment of Punitive Damages Under an Insurance Policy…..33:177

Small Towns, Large Stakes: New Battles over Bank Insurance Sales Under the National Bank Act…..43:651

Spindle v. Travelers Insurance Cos. (Cal. Ct. App. 1977)—The Doctrine of Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing Applies to Cancellation Clause of Medical Malpractice Insurance Policy…..26:883

St. Paul Fire and Marine Ins. Co. v. Barry (U.S. Sup. Ct. 1978)—A Private Conspiracy by Four Insurance Carriers in Which Three Refused to Sell Any Type of Malpractice Insurance to Physicians, Hospitals, and Other Medical Personnel as a Means of Compelling Submission to Terms Dictated by the Fourth States a Sherman Antitrust Claim Within the “Boycott” Exception in Section 3(b) of the McCarran-Ferguson Act…..27:722

State Laws Restricting the Operation of Risk Retention Group—Necessary Protection or Illegal Regulation? 60:67

State Regulation of “The Business of Insurance”—McCarran’s Shattered Shield…..21:657

State Taxation of Mail Order Insurers…..24:825

Statutory Indemnification and Insurance Provisions for Corporate Directors—To What End?…..38:241

A Study of the Effectiveness of Mandated State Contraceptive Coverage in Iowa and Missouri and the Case for a Federal Law…..54:509

Subrogation: A Landlord-Tenant Problem…..4:79

Terrorism Coverage and the United States Insurance Industry: An International Inquiry in Search of a Long-Term Solution…..53:545

Theories of Concurrent Causation for First-Part Property Damage Insurance: Past Decisions and Future Opportunities…..41:765

Title Insurance and the Title Insurance Industry…..22:711

The Tort of Bad Faith in Iowa Workers’ Compensation Law…..45:839

Toward the Exclusive Right to Market Innovative Insurance Products: The Use of Intellectual Property Law in the Business of Insurance…..41:587

Toward Compensating the Innocent Victim…..21:722

Trustees’ Reasonable Expectations of Coverage for Environmental Liability: Old Insurance for New Problems…..39:843

Underinsured Motorist Coverage: The Validity of Consent to Settle Clauses…..37:503

Underinsured Motorist Insurance Coverage for Amounts Awarded as Punitive Damages in a Suit Against the Tortfeasor: Delving Into the Dilemma Created by Diverging Public Policies and Private Interests…..43:779

Uninsured Motorist Coverage—The Hidden Arrow in the Plaintiff’s Quiver…..12:119

Union Ins. Co. (Mutual) v. Iowa Hardware Mut. Ins. Co. (Iowa 1970)—Mutually Repugnant “Other Insurance” Clauses Void Each Other and Thereby Require the Application of Proration…..21:755

Viatical Settlements: An Explanation of the Process, an Analysis of State Regulations, and an Examination of Viatical Settlements As Securities…..46:923

Wade v. Continental Insurance Co. (8th Cir. 1975)—Death of an Insured Due to Intentional Killing by Member of Family Is to Be Deemed Accidental If the Insured Could Not Reasonably Have Foreseen the Extent of Danger…..24:872

Western & Southern Life Insurance Co. v. State Board of Equalization (U.S. Sup. Ct. 1981)—A Retaliatory State Tax Assessed Against Insurers from States Imposing Higher Burdens on All Insurance Companies Transacting Business Within Their Borders Is Not Subject to Challenge Under the Commerce Clause and Is Rationally Related to the Achievement of a Legitimate State Purpose Consistent with the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment…..31:215

What Duties Does a Primary Insurer Owe an Excess Insurer in the Conduct of Settlement Negotiations Under Iowa Law?…..41:801

What’s Wrong with the ERISA “Vacuum”? The Case Against Unrestricted Freedom for Employers to Terminate Employee Health Care Plans and to Decide what Coverage Is To Be Provided when Risk Retention Plans Are Established for Health Care…..41:635

Whiteside v. New York Life Insurance Co. (Wash. 1972)—Death from Illegal Self-Injected Overdose of Narcotics, Held Not to Be Accidental Within the Meaning of a Double Indemnity Provision Which Insured Against Death Caused by Accidental Bodily Injury…..22:819

When Are Heart Attacks Compensable Injuries Under Iowa Workers’ Compensation Law?…..49:621

When Does the Clock Start Ticking? A Primer on Statutory and Contractual Time Limitation Issues Involved in Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Claims…..47:689

Who Wants a New Insurance Policy?…..24:753

Will Life Insurance Purchasers Ever Be Provided with Enforceable Consumer Friendly Disclosures…..43:831