Forthcoming Issue

Volume 69, No. 1, 2021


Edmund J. Sease

Class 705 Business Method Patents as an Ambitious Industry Force in the United States: A Case Study from Perspective from 1998 to 2010
Sarah A. Hinchliffe

From a Strong Property Right to a Fickle Government Franchise: The Transformation of the U.S. Patent System in 15 Years
Hon. Paul R. Michel & Matthew J. Dowd

Can Public Universities Patent Their Research?: The Tension Between Open Records Laws and Patentability
Jason Rantanen & Madison Murhammer Colon

Court Decisions and Recent Legislation are Creating a “Perfect Storm” Incentive for Inventors to Rely on Trade Secrets, Not Patents
Edmund J. Sease


Resetting the Public-Duty Doctrine: Where Does the Duty Come From?
Rachel Bruns

Cruel and Unusual Punishment: A Look at the Juvenile Criminal Justice System
Elaina J. Steenson

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