Forthcoming Issue

Volume 68, No. 4, 2020


Hon. Mark W. Bennett (Ret.)

Procedural Fairness in a Pandemic: It’s Still Critical to Public Trust
Kevin S. Burke & Steve Leben

Lifelong Collateral Consequences: The Modern-Day Scarlet Letter
Bernice B. Donald & Devon C. Muse

Politics, Religion, and Voir Dire
Hon. J. Thomas Marten

To Innovate or Not to Innovate: Two Judges’ Thoughts on Traditional Versus Modified Civil Jury Trial Procedures
Hon. J. Thomas Marten & Hon. Stephen R. Bough

Striking Some Strikes: A Proposal for Reducing the Number of Peremptory Strikes
Hon. C.J. Williams

Technology in the Judiciary: One Judge’s Experience
Hon. Lynn Winmill


Border Battle: Addressing the Standard for Forensic Searches of Electronic Devices at the U.S. Border
Chelsey Knapp

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