Forthcoming Issue

Volume 68, No. 3, 2020


Closing the Courthouse Doors to First Amendment Claims Seeking Access to State Court Records: Is Abstention Warranted?
Patrick J. Fackrell

Achieving Fair Cross-Sections on Iowa Juries in the Post-Plain World: The LillyVealWilliams Trilogy
Emeritus Russell Lovell & David Walker

Auer Deference Survives—But Barely
Thomas P. Perkins, Jr.


The Franchise of Noncitizens and Undocumented Immigrants: Neither Constitutionally Compelled nor Constitutionally Forbidden
Delaney Lurie Beier

Honoring Defendant Constitutional Rights: Dismissal of Criminal Charges as a Remedy for Egregious Discovery Violations
Lauren Calef

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