Forthcoming Issue

Volume 67, No. 3, 2019


Libral Justice and the Creeping Privitization of State Power
Cornelis J.W. Baaij

Lifting the Veil on Iowa Piercing Jurisprudence and Suggestions for Reform
Matthew G. Doré

Differentiating Higher Level Homicides: An Empirical Analysis of the Impacts of Legal Definitions in the Real World, Plus an Illumination of the Understudied Crime of Second-Degree Murder
David McCord, Michi Matsukura, & Lendie Follett

At-Will or Something More?: Reasonable Expectations of Continued Employment by Minority Shareholders Post-Baur v. Baur Farms, Inc.
Matthew C. McDermott & Christopher J. Jessen



Bibles, Bandages, and Patriotism: Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project and Unresolved Exceptions to Providing Material Support to Foreign Terrorist Organizations
Amy Howells

Tape Don’t Lie
Spencer Willems





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