Age Discrimination in Employment and the Benefit Plan Defense: Trends in the Federal and Iowa Courts…..30:617

The ADA Gets Even More Complicated: Analyzing Pregnancy with Complications as a Disability…..52:471

The Americans with Disabilities Act: An End to Discrimination Against HIV/AIDS Patients or Simply Another Loophole to Bypass?…..52:523

The Antitrust Implications of Credit Insurance Tying Arrangements…..32:861

Arbitrating Employment Discrimination Claims: Do You Really Have To? Do You Really Want To?…..43:255

The Borrowed Employee Doctrine in Workmen’s Compensation…..21:176

Briner v. Hyslop (Iowa 1983)—A Corporate Employer Is Liable for Exemplary Damages for the Act of an Employee if the Corporate Employer or a Managerial Agent Authorized or Ratified the Doing and the Manner of the Act, or Was Reckless in Employing or Retaining an Unfit Employee, or if the Employee Was Employed in a Managerial Capacity and Was Acting in the Scope of Employment…..34:221

Contract Terminations of Iowa Public School Teacher: Considerations of the Substantive Content of “Just Cause” for Termination…..30:123

Contribution from a Negligent Employer: A Problem in Search of a Solution…..32:945

Davis v. Scherer (U.S. Sup. Ct. 1984)—Public Officials Will Lose Qualified Immunity Where the Constitutional Rights Were Clearly Established at the Time of the Violation but Not for Violation of a Statute or Regulation Unless the Statute or Regulation Itself Creates the Protected Right…..34:873

Dealing with Obesity in Workers’ Compensation Cases: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous…..37:523

The Duties and Liabilities of an Iowa Corporate Director…..50:207

The Duty Concept in Farm Accidents in Iowa: When Does a Wiggle Become a Wobble?…..18:155

An Employer’s Competitive Restraints on Former Employees…..17:69

Employment at Will: The Decay of an Anachronistic Shield for Employers?…..33:113

Employment Torts: Emerging Areas of Employer Liability…..39:3

Excluded Employment…..16:68

The Fair Labor Standards Act—Its Application to Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Schools…..19:117

The False Claims Act Creates a “Zone of Protection” That Bars Suits Against Employees Who Report Fraud Against the Government…..62:361

Federalism and Fiduciaries: A New Framework for Protecting State Benefit Funds…..62:503

Frank v. American Freight Systems, Inc., 398 N.W.2d 797 (Iowa 1987) Employer Had a Legitimate Business Purpose for Applying a Rule Which Precluded the Hiring of Any Applicant Who Had Prior Back Surgery, Where Medical Evidence Showed that There Was a Substantial Likelihood that Persons with Prior Back Problems Would Sustain Future Pain and Disability Due to the Requirements of the Job…..37:559

Frederick v. Men’s Reformatory, 203 N.W.2d 797 (Iowa 1973)—An Inmate Working in Prison Industries Is Not an Employee for Purposes of the Workmen’s Compensation Act…..22:678

Griggs v. Duke Power Co., 401 U.S. 424 (1971)—Employer Violated Title VIII of Civil Rights Act of 1964 by Requiring High School Education or Passing of Standardized General Intelligence Tests as Condition of Employment or Promotion Where Neither Requirement Was Shown to Be Job-Related…..21:188

Income Protection for Pregnant Workers…..26:389

In the Defense of Unpaid Internships: Proposing a Workable Test for Eliminating Illegal Internships …..63:341

Individual Supervisor Liability Under Title VII and the ADEA…..45:999

Iowa’s Law Prohibiting Disability Discrimination in Employment: An Overview…..32:273

Koll v. Manatt’s Transportation Co. (Iowa 1977)—Employer’s Violation of OSHA or IOSHA Standard Is Negligence Per Se as to His Employee and Evidence of a Negligence as to All Persons who Are Those Likely to Be Exposed to Injury as a Result of the Violation…..27:178

The Legal Foundations for State Laws Granting Labor Unions Access to Employer Property…..62:689

“Le roi est mort; vive le roi!”: An Essay on The Quiet Demise of McDonnell Douglas and the Transformation of Every Title VII Case After Desert Palace, Inc. v. Costa into a Mixed Motives Case…..52:71

“Le roi est mort” Redux: Section 703(m), Costa, McDonnell Douglas, and the Title VII Revolution—A Reply…..52:427

Looking Through the Door Left by Abriz v. Pulley Freight Lines, Inc.: Adopting a Viable Cause of Action in Iowa for the Wrongfully Discharged Employee at Will…..32:785

Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power v. Manhart (U.S. Sup. Ct. 1978)—An Employer’s Requirement that Female Employees Make Larger Contributions to a Pension Fund than Male Employees Based on Statistical Fact that as a Class, Women Live Longer than Men, Violates Sex Discrimination Provisions of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. However, Due to the Equitable Nature of Title VII Remedies, Retroactive Relief Is Inappropriate…..28:523

The Mental Health Parity Act of 1996: Let It Sunset if Real Changes Are Not Made…..52:553

McDonnell Douglas: Alive and Well…..52:383

“Neutral” Employer Policies and the ADA: The Implications of US Airways, Inc. v. Barnett Beyond Seniority Systems…..51:1

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Recent Developments in Sexual Preference Law…..30:311

Sex Discrimination in Employment: Current Federal Practice…..24:515

Sexual Harassment in Employment—Some Proposals Toward More Realistic Standards of Liability…..32:407

Wagner v. Larson, 257 Iowa 1202, 136 N.W.2d 312 (1965)—Do the Special Rules of Contributory Negligence and Assumption of the Risk, Applicable to Agricultural Employer-Employee Relationships, Modify the Duty of Care Owed by the Employer to His Employee or Are They Defenses to the Question of Liability Once Breach of the Duty Has Been Established?…..16:109

Who’s “In Charge” at the EEOC?…..50:1