Civil Remedies for Intoxication…..2:54

Civil Remedies for Intoxication in Iowa…..13:168

Fuhrman v. Total Petroleum, Inc., 398 N.W.2d 807 (Iowa 1987)—In Passing the Dram Shop Act, Iowa Code § 123.92, the Legislature Preempted the Entire Field of Possible Recoveries Against Commercial Suppliers of Alcoholic Beverages Based Upon the Sale or Furnishing of Such Beverages; No Common Law Right to Recover in Negligence Remains to Those Injured as a Result of Such Sale or Furnishing, Even Where the Suit Is Based on an Illegal Action Not Covered by the Dram Shop Act…..37:537

The Iowa Dram Shop Act—Causes of Action and Defenses…..23:16

Judicial Prohibition? Erosion of the Common Law Rule of Non-liability for Those Who Dispense Alcohol…..34:937

Sale of Alcohol to Interstate Travelers: Personal Jurisdiction and Choice of Law Analyses…..39:349