Agricultural Trade and Section 22…..31:587

Chapter 570A Crop and Livestock Lien Law: A Panacea or Pandora’s Box…..34:361

Commodity Futures Litigation: A By-Product of Investor Roulette…..30:599

Commodity Futures Trading…..25:1

Commodity Options—Revisited…..25:75

Farmers Who Sell Mortgaged Farm Products and Don’t Tell:  Buyers Who Buy Farm Products and Don’t Pay—An Electrifying Solution…..34:429

Iowa Surface Drainage Law and Groundwater Quality Protection: Is There Potential Landowner Liability for Plugging Agricultural Drainage Wells and Sinkholes?…..39:809

The Perimeters of Regulatory Jurisdiction Under the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Act…..25:61

Protecting the Farmer in Grain Marketing Transactions…..31:519

“Roosevelt to Reagan” Commodity Programs and the Agriculture and Food Act of 1981…..31:499