Bulk Transfers Under Article 6 of Iowa Uniform Commercial Code…..19:275

Bulk Transfers Under Article 6 of the Iowa Uniform Commercial Code Revisited…..31:383

Chapter 570A Crop and Livestock Lien Law: A Panacea or Pandora’s Box…..34:361

The Choice of Law Rules of the Iowa Uniform Commercial Code…..33:561

Course of Performance as Evidence of Intent or Waiver: A Meaningful Preference for the Latter and Implications for Newly Broadened Use Under Revised U.C.C. Section 1-303…..52:235

Defrauding Agents and the N.I.L…..2:70

The Double Preclusion of U.C.C. Section 3-406: Duties of Care and Reasonable Commercial Standards…..32:179

The Farm Creditor: Preserving Security Interests in Farm Products…..33:391

Final Payment and Warranties on Presentment Under the Uniform Commercial Code—Some Aspects…..23:34

Hedge to Arrive Contracts: Futures or Forwards…..53:55

The Iowa Mobile Home Park Landlord-Tenant Relationship: Present Eviction Procedures and Needed Reforms…..53:181

Priorities Between Article Nine Security Interests and Statutory Liens in Iowa…..23:169

Recent Statutory and Case Law Developments in Secured Transactions…..27:41

The Requirements for a Description of the Secured Collateral: Past, Present, and Future…..24:611

The Right to Demand Adequate Assurance of Due Performance: Uniform Commercial Code Section 2-609 and Restatement (Second) of Contracts Section 251…..38:305

Some Thoughts About Intercorporate Guaranties, Fair Consideration, and Reasonably Equivalent Value…..37:569

Stigma Damages in Construction Defect Litigation: Feared by Defendants, Championed by Plaintiffs, Awarded by (Almost) No Courts—What Gives?…..53:1029

Terrorism Coverage and the United States Insurance Industry: An International Inquiry in Search of a Long-Term Solution…..53:545

The Validity of a Seller’s Right to Reclaim Property Under Section 2-702(2) of the U.C.C. Against the Trustee in Bankruptcy: The Problem Continues…..27:89