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Foreclosures in Iowa—An Update……38:589

Hammer v. Beneficial Finance Co. (Bankr. N.D. Iowa 1981)—Application of the Lien Avoidance Provision of the Bankruptcy Reform Act to Nonpossessory, Nonpurchase-Money Security Interests Created Prior to the Enactment of the Act Constitutes a Taking in Violation of the Fifth Amendment……31:240

Has the Uniform Partnership Act Been Superseded by Subchapter K?……41:461

In re Crimmins (S.D.N.Y. 1975)—Where the Main Thrust of the Securities Fraud Action Was Not that the Bankrupt Carelessly Failed to Investigate and Report the Financial Condition of a Corporation Whose Stock He Was Recommending for Purchase, but, on the Contrary, that He Was Intimately Involved with the Corporation as a Massive Shareholder and that He Failed to Disclose this Conflict of Interest and a Pending Investigation Respecting It, the Claim Was Not a “Provable Debt,” Dischargeable in Bankruptcy……25:773

In re Martin (8th Cir. 1985)—Whether Debtor’s Proposal to Sell Secured Creditor’s Collateral Adequately Protects a Secured Creditor’s Bargained-For Interest Requires Court Determination of the Value of the Creditor’s Secured Interest, the Risk to that Value Upon Approval of Debtor’s Plan, and Whether the Creditor Is Afforded the Indubitable Equivalent of Such Value Under Debtor’s Proposal……35:667

In re Samuels & Co. (5th Cir. 1975)—Unpaid Cash Sellers Have a Right of Reclamation Which Takes Priority over a Security Interest of the Debtor’s Financier, Even Though Sellers Failed to File Their Claim Within the Ten Day Period Required by Article Two of the Uniform Commercial Code……25:239

In re Sullivan (7th Cir. 1982)—Under the “Opt-Out” Provision of Section 522(b)(1) of the Bankruptcy Reform Act States May Prohibit Debtors from Electing the Federal Schedule of Exemptions Allowed by State Law Without Violating the Uniformity Requirement of the Bankruptcy Clause of the United States Constitution……32:561

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United States v. Whiting Pools, Inc. (U.S. Sup. Ct. 1983)—Under the Turnover Provision of Section 542(A) of the Bankruptcy Reform Act, the Bankruptcy Court Can Order the Internal Revenue Service to Turn Over Property that Was Seized Prior to Debtor’s Filing for Reorganization……33:737

The Validity of a Sellers Right to Reclaim Property Under Section 2.702(2) of the U.C.C. Against the Trustee in Bankruptcy: The Problem Continues……27:89