The ABC’s of Cross-Examination…..41:35

Bureaucracy and the Right to Counsel…..37:639

Caplin & Drysdale, Chartered v. United States, 109 S. Ct. 2646 (1989)—Assets a Defendant Transfers to an Attorney for Legal Services Are Not Exempt from the Comprehensive Forfeiture Act; Restraint and Subsequent Forfeiture of Assets Under the Comprehensive Forfeiture Act Do Not Violate the Defendant’s Fifth or Sixth Amendment Rights…..40:183

Chipping Away at the Dam: Anastasoff v. United States and the Future of Unpublished Opinions in the United States Courts of Appeals and Beyond….. 50:181

Confusion Over Conflicts of Interest: Is There a Bright Line for Insurance Defense Counsel?…..41:731

Disbarment Procedure in Iowa…..1:33

Diversified Industries, Inc. v. Meredith (8th Cir. 1978)—Under the Newly Adopted Weinstein Subject Matter Test, Interviews of Non-Management Employees Taken by a Law Firm Hired by a Corporation for the Purpose of Securing Legal Advice, at the Direction of Corporate Superiors, Held Privileged When the Subject Matter of the Communication Is Within the Scope of the Employees’ Corporate Duties and the Information Is Not Disseminated Beyond Those Persons Who, Because of the Corporate Structure, Need to Know Its Contents…..28:191

General Overview of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11…..38:261

Hulse v. Wifaut (Iowa 1981)—Court-Appointed Attorneys Are Now Entitled to Full Compensation in Representing Indigent Defendants Under Iowa Code Section 815.7, Which Requires Reasonable Compensation Equivalent to the Ordinary and Customary Charges for Like Service to Nonindigent Clients in the Community…..31:230

Income Tax and the Iowa Lawyer…..17:11

Insider Trading: Secondary Liability Under the Federal Securities Law—Lawyers Beware…..38:425

Lawyer Advertising in Iowa After 2012…..62:549

Nadler v. Treptow (Iowa 1969)—Attorney’s Purchase of an Interest in the Subject Matter of Attorney-Client Relationship Is Not a Breach of Ethical Responsibility if the Transaction Is Fully Disclosed to His Client…..19:200

The Obligation of Appointed Legal Counsel to Represent an Indigent on Appeal…..7:210

Professional Corporations in Iowa—1970-1972…..25:161

Silencing the Advocates or Policing the Profession? Ethical Limitations on the First Amendment Rights of Attorneys…..38:31

Solicitation of Clients and Advertising by Attorneys…..9:102

Tax, Turpitude, and a Technical Test for Disbarment…..17:94

Underinsured Motorist Coverage: The Validity of Consent to Settle Clauses…..37:503