An Anomaly in Criminal Appeal…..2:66

Appellate Congestion in Iowa: Dimensions and Remedies…..25:133

Appellate Procedure and Practice…..19:74

The Appellate Rules Amendments—Suggested Forms and Timetables…..22:223

Bradley v. School Board, 416 U.S. 696 (1974)—Statutory Authorization for Awarding of Attorneys’ Fees Applied Retroactively to Services Rendered Prior to Its Enactment, Despite an Absence of Language or Legislative History Indicating It Was to Be Applied to Pending Cases…..24:435

Certiorari: Advantage to State in Criminal Cases…..17:255

Clearly Erroneous Review is Clearly Erroneous: Reinterpreting Illinois v. Gates and Advocating De Novo Review for a Magistrate’s Determination of Probable Cause for Search Warrants…..55:85

A Discussion of the Interlocutory Review of Class Certification Orders Under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23(f)…..51:151

Error Preservation in Civil Appeals in Iowa: Perspectives on Present Practice…..55:39

Iowa’s Animal Torture Law Following State v. Meerdink: A Call for Clarity and Enforcement…..62:743

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Pioneer’s Paradox: Appellate Rule 4(a)(5) and the Rule Against Excusing Ignorance of Law…..48:677

Preservation of Error: Providing a Basis for Appellate Review…..22:435

The Scope of Review in Criminal Appeals and the Iowa Judgment on the Record Statute…..22:477

Some Aspects of Assignment of Error…..2:9

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Standards of Review in the Iowa Appellate System: A Review, Critique, and Proposal for Standardization…..39:897

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