Absolute Conveyance as a Mortgage in Iowa…..18:197

Acquiring Abandoned Railroad Right of Way in Iowa…..30:545

Agricultural Financing Through Production Payments: Planning for Protection of Farmer & Lender…..34:515

Agricultural Trade and Section 22…..31:587

Antitrust Action Against Milk Marketing Cooperatives—Shaking Up the Milk Industry…..34:493

Are FmHA Loan Entitlements Protected by the Due Process Clause?…..34:389

Are Moderate Animal Welfare Laws and a Sustainable Agricultural Economy Mutually Exclusive? Laws, Moral Implications, and Recommendations…..46:645

Attractive Nuisance—Factors of the Iowa Doctrine…..19:461

Biomass Energy: An Agricultural Role in Pollution Control?…..45:143

Blackacre as a Shelf of Securities: Real Estate Syndication…..23:483

The Changing Standards of Adequate Protection in Farm Bankruptcy Reorganizations…..37:323

Chapter 93A: Right-to-Farm Protection for Iowa…..35:633

Chapter 570A Crop and Livestock Lien Law: A Panacea or Pandora’s Box…..34:361

Commodity Futures Trading…..25:1

Commodity Options Revisited…..25:75

Common Agricultural Policy Quotas and the Environment…..45:71

A Comparison of US and UK Law Regarding Pollution from Agricultural Runoff…..45:159

Conservation Reserve Program and Its Effect on Farmers Filing Bankruptcy…..43:157

Constitutional Jurisprudence in the Eyes of the Beholder: Preventing Harms and Providing Benefits in American Takings Law…..45:51

Contracting Equitably in Real Estate Installment Contracts…..30:361

Controlling Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution: The New York Experience…..45:103

Diversifying the Farm Enterprise: Alternative Land Use and Land Tenure Law in the UK……45:471

The Duty Concept in Farm Accidents in Iowa: When Does a Wiggle Become a Wobble?…..18:155

The Duty Owed by Land Occupiers in Iowa…..20:159

The Effects of the Chapter 12 Legislation on Informal Resolution of Farm Debt Problems…..37:197

Emerging Legal Issues Associated with the Application of Embryo Transfer Technology in Livestock Agriculture…..34:321

Employing Best Management Practices to Reduce Agricultural Water Pollution: Economics, Regulatory Institutions, and Policy Concerns…..45:125

Equitable Conversion and Its Effect on Risk of Loss in Executory Contracts for the Sale of Real Property…..22:626

European Community Perspective of Production Subsidies and Controls…..37:231

The Family Farm Corporation: A New Setting for the Doctrine of Corporate Opportunity…..34:537

Farm Credit Amendments Act of 1985: Congressional Intent, FCA Implementation and Courts’ Interpretation (and the Effect of Subsequent Legislation on the 1985 Act)…..37:271

The Farm Creditor: Preserving Security Interests in Farm Products…..33:391

The Farm Operation Agreement—Partnership or Lease…..6:37

Farm Policy as Foreign Policy…..37:223

Farm Taxation: A Lesson from History…..37:183

Farmers Who Sell Mortgaged Farm Products and Don’t Tell; Buyers Who Buy Farm Products and Don’t Pay—An Electrifying Solution…..34:429

Federal and State Regulation of Wetlands in Iowa…..41:139

Federal Land Bank v. Bott, 240 Kan. 624, 732 P.2d 710 (1987)—Kansas Family Farm Rehabilitation Act, Which Stays the Enforcement of Certain Judgments Against Agricultural Property and Provides for Redemption of that Property in Certain Circumstances, Violates the Contract Clause of the United States Constitution…..38:705

The Federalization of the Farm Products Exception Rule of U.C.C. 9-307(1): Anomaly or Opening Salvo?…..36:115

Feudalism Unmodified: Discourses on Farms and Firms…..45:361

FmHA Loan Servicing: Alternatives to Foreclosure…..35:561

Foreign Investment in U.S. Farmland—The Facts and the Law…..31:547

Freedom to Farm! Understanding the Agricultural Exemption to County Zoning in Iowa…..31:565

French Agricultural Law and Diversification…..45:455

Ganzer v. Pfab (Iowa 1985)—When a Landlord’s Interest as Contract Vendee Has Been Forfeited by the Vendor, a Farm Tenant Is Entitled to Possession of Leased Farmland for the Subsequent Crop Year If He Does Not Receive Notice of Lease Termination as Required by Iowa Code Section 562.6…..35:679

Habitat and Species Conservation in the European Union and the United States…..45:19

Has Recent Legislation Limited Private Riparian Rights in Iowa?…..8:59

Hedge to Arrive Contracts and the Commodity Exchange Act: A Textual Alternative…..47:319

Hedge to Arrive Contracts: Futures and Forwards…..53:55

Hodel v. Indiana (U.S. Sup. Ct. 1981)—The “Prime Farmland” Provisions of the Surface Mine Control and Reclamation Act of 1977, Environmentally Protect “Prime Farmland” from Strip Mining, and Have Been Interpreted Not to Be Violative of the Commerce Clause, the Fifth or the Tenth Amendments…..31:461

Hog Wild: A Look at the Issue of Meatpacker Ownership of Livestock at the Federal and State Level…..52:793

Immunities as Easements as “Takings”: Bormann v. Board of Supervisors…..48:53

Implied Warranties in the Sale of Diseased Livestock in Iowa: A Return to Caveat Emptor?…..31:637

Invading the Homestead Exemption…..2:3

The Iowa Foreclosure Moratorium Law of 1985: A Preliminary Analysis and Proposed Changes…..35:545

The Iowa Law of Real Estate Brokerage…..30:437

The Iowa Law of “Stale Uses and Reversions Statute”: Parameters and Constitutional Limitations…..19:56

Iowa Surface Drainage Law and Groundwater Quality Protection: Is There Potential Landowner Liability for Plugging Agricultural Drainage Wells and Sinkholes?…..39:809

Iowa’s Ever-Changing Farm Products Exception—Where Will It End?…..38:657

Iowa’s Mortgage Moratorium Statute: A Constitutional Analysis…..33:303

Keeney v. Tamayo-Reyes, 112 S. Ct. 1715 (1992)…..43:239

Knapp v. Simmons (Iowa 1984)—Oral Lease of Agricultural Lands for Grazing, Without an Agreement to the Contrary, Implies No Warranty of Suitability for a Particular Purpose upon the Lessor but May Impose Liability by Virtue of Joint Control of the Premises…..34:561

Land Tenure Arrangements for Nature Conservation in the UK…..45:83

Land Use Controls in Iowa…..27:254

The Law of Water Distribution in Iowa and South Dakota: A Comparison of the Riparian and Appropriative Systems…..20:256

Legal Approaches to the Prevention of Agricultural Water Pollution in England and Wales…..45:197

Legal Aspects of Farm Tenancy in Iowa…..34:267

Legal Authority for Federal Acquisition of Conservation Easements to Provide Agricultural Credit Relief…..35:477

Legislative Provisions for Agricultural Cooperatives: Adjusting to Changed Circumstances…..33:325

Loewen v. Commissioner (Tax Court 1981)—Investment Tax Credit Recapture—Taxpayer’s Transfer of All Farm Assets Except Farmland to Wholly Owned Corporation Did Not Cause Recapture when State Law Made Questionable Corporate Ownership of Farm Land…..31:673

Mandatory or Permissive: Borrowers’ Statutory Right to Notice of Deferral Relief of Farmers Home Administration Loans…..33:407

The Partial-Homestead Buildings…..2:23

Perimeters of Regulatory Jurisdiction Under the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Act…..25:61

“A Pig in the Parlor Instead of the Barnyard”? An Examination of the Iowa Agricultural Nuisance Law…..45:935

Prepaid Feed Expense: Another Look at the Deposit, Business Purpose, and Distortion of Income Tests…..31:653

Preservation of Family Farms—The Way Ahead…..45:311

Prime Farmland and the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act: Guidance for an Enhanced Federal Role in Farmland Preservation…..33:209

Proceedings of the 1987 American Agricultural Law Association Meeting in Washington, D.C.—Introduction: A Look at How Washington Works…..37:173

Protecting the Farmer in Grain Marketing Transactions…..31:519

“Public Use” for Purposes of Eminent Domain in Iowa…..13:95

Reaping What We Have Sown: Public Policy Consequences of Agricultural Industrialization and the Legal Implications of a Changing Production System…..45:289

“Reasonable Rent” and Opportunity Cost in the Family Farmer Bankruptcy Act…..39:863

Regulation of Pesticides: The Canadian Experience…..37:241

Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone and the Courts: In Search of Justice…..46:617

Risk Sharing Down on the Farm: A Comparison of Farmer Bankruptcy and Insolvency Statutes or Selling the Farm…..45:331

The Role of the Law in Shaping the Future of American Agriculture…..38:573

“Roosevelt to Reagan” Commodity Programs and the Agriculture and Food Act of 1981…..31:499

Section 2032A: Did We Save the Family Farm?…..29:15

Section 6166: Preserving the Family Business or Family Farm Through Estate Tax Deferral…..25:521

Set-Aside and Environmental Protection…..45:219

Severance Taxes and Soil Depletion: Is Grain a Natural Resource Amenable to Severance Taxation?…..31:621

Sources and Uses of Agriculture’s Political Power…..37:175

State Initiatives to Supplement the Conservation Reserve Program…..37:251

Textualism Gone Astray: A Reply to Norris, Davison, and May on Hedge to Arrive Contracts…..47:745

Two Issues in Corporate Agriculture: Anticorporate Farming Statutes and Production Contracts…..41:393

Wagner v. Larson, 257 Iowa 1202, 136 N.W.2d 312 (1965)—Do the Special Rules of Contributory Negligence and Assumption of the Risk, Applicable to Agricultural Employer-Employee Relationships, Modify the Duty of Care Owed by the Employer to His Employee or Are They Defenses to the Question of Liability Once Breach of the Duty Has Been Established?…..16:109

Was Payment in 1958 by Farmer’s Cooperative to Member for Rice Delivered to Cooperative in 1957 Constructively Received by the Member in 1957?…..11:68

Why Is the “Jeffersonian Moment” So Enduring?…..45:1

Wisconsin Public Intervenor v. Mortier, 111 S. Ct. 2476 (1991)—The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act Does Not Preempt Local Governmental Regulation of Pesticide Use…..42:287

United States Agricultural Production Financing: Sources, Legal Rules, and Controversies…..45:435