Architect’s and Engineer’s Liability Under Iowa Construction Law…..50:33

Corporate Compliance Programs: An Approach to Avoid or Minimize Criminal and Civil Liability…..51:81

Defrauding Agents and the N.I.L…..2:70

The Duties and Liabilities of an Iowa Corporate Director…..50:207

Liability of Public Bodies, Officers, and Employees—Governmental Immunity…..11:79

Owner-Liability and Contributory Negligence—“Pilgrim’s” Progress?…..5:127

Petersen v. Farmers Casualty Co. (Iowa 1975)—Negligence of Insurance Company’s Attorney in Failing to Perfect Appeal from Adverse Judgment Against Insured Held Imputable to Insurance Company and Rendered Insurer Liable for Judgment in Excess of Coverage…..24:865

Shoplifters Beware? Detention of Suspected Shoplifters…..11:31