Volume 63, No. 1, First Quarter 2015

 Volume 63, No. 1, First Quarter 2015


How Security Threat Discourse Can Precipitate a Press Clause Death Spiral
Robert Bejesky

Losing at Dodge Ball: Understanding the Supreme Court’s Implied Authorization of Consent in Executive Benefits Insurance Agency v. Arkison and Why Revision of 28 U.S.C. § 157(B) Is Critical for Clarity
Bethany A. Corbin

Protecting Consumers from Themselves: Consumer Law and the Vulnerable Consumer
M. Neil Browne, Kerin Bischoff Clapp, Nancy K. Kubasek & Lauren Biksacky

Understanding Visual Metaphors: What Graphic Novels Can Teach Lawyers About Visual Storytelling
Lenora Ledwon

Does the Past Predict the Future?: An Empirical Analysis of Recent Iowa Supreme Court Use of Legislative History as a Window into Statutory Construction in Iowa
Karen L. Wallace


Children Are Different: Why Iowa Should Adopt a Categorical Ban on Life Without Parole Sentences for Juvenile Homicide Offenders
Meredith Lamberti

In the Defense of Unpaid Internships: Proposing a Workable Test for Eliminating Illegal Internships
Matthew Tripp

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