Morris A. Haft Award

This annual award, established by Howard S. Haft, LW’53, in honor of his father Morris A. Haft, Esq., recognizes the role of the Drake Law Review in fostering the ardent study and scholarly discussion of law that Morris A. Haft personally championed and exemplified in his life and practice. The award is given to the graduating member of the Law Review staff or editorial board who, through individual effort, service, and leadership, has contributed most to the overall success and quality of the Law Review during the student’s membership.

2018 recipient: Julia Steggerda-Corey

2017 recipient: Tucker Levis


2016 recipient: Christopher Merkle


2015 recipient: Joshua Henry

2014 recipient: Kyle Mendenhall

2013 recipient: Margret White

2012 recipient: Stephanie Eifler

2011 recipient: Nicholas Erickson

2010 recipient: Zachary Hindman

2009 recipient: Josh Patrick

2008 recipient: Andrew M. Wilcox

2007 recipient: Jess Phelps

2006 recipient: Jessica Mallott

2005 recipient: Bryan Dearinger

2004 recipient: Amanda Wachuta

2003 recipient: Barry Koopmann

2002 recipient: Jessica Braeger

2001 recipient: Joanne Propst

2000 recipients: Hayley E. Hanson & Joel T. Wiegert

1999 recipients: Rebecca J. Bishop & Robert T. Kleinknecht

1998 recipient: Kerry Porter

1997 recipient: Jennifer Benning

1996 recipient: Sarah Frink

1995 recipient: Karrieann M. Couture