Joining the Drake Law Review

Working as a junior staff or editorial board member of the Drake Law Review is one of the most rewarding experiences a student can have at Drake University Law School. In their collective efforts to edit the Articles and Notes published in the Drake Law Review, staff members sharpen their legal research and writing skills, enhance their critical-thinking abilities, and develop professional connections that set them apart from other law students. Staff members of the Drake Law Review also author a student Note—an academic, persuasive piece analyzing current issues in the legal field—that may be considered for publication. At least eight student Notes are selected for publication in the Drake Law Review each year.

Attorneys, legal scholars, and judges rely on the Drake Law Review for its thoughtful analysis of a wide range of legal issues. The legal community recognizes that service on the Drake Law Review represents an extraordinary achievement. Because of this, membership is an opportunity highly sought out by current law students. Applications for the next year’s junior staff members are distributed on the last day of spring semester finals. Students will have several weeks to complete the application, which traditionally includes academic information, an editing exercise, and a writing problem. Members of the editorial board extend invitations to up to 25 individuals with strong academic performance and sound writing abilities.

The Drake Law Review editorial board is the governing group of student editors that ensure quality production of each Drake Law Review issue. Members of the next year’s editorial board are selected from the current junior staff members each spring.

Membership on the Drake Law Review often serves as a critical stepping-stone to a successful legal career. Serving the publication is a universal signal that an individual possesses initiative, dedication, superior legal research and writing skills, and the ability to work collaboratively. Drake University Law School graduates that serve on the Drake Law Review go on to work at top-notch law firms, leading public interest entities, and clerk for federal or state court judges.