H.G. Cartwright Law Review Award

This annual cash award is presented to the student who submits the best Note to the Drake Law Review during the year. The award is named in honor of the late Harold G. Cartwright, LW’25, who participated actively in founding the Law Review and who was a loyal supporter of Drake Law School.

2018 recipient: Madison LeDuc

2017 recipient: Olivia Kilgore


2016 recipient: Kayla Burkhiser Reynolds


2015 recipient: Louis Sloven

2014 recipient: Jacob Lantry

2013 recipient: Michelle Moss

2012 recipient: Linzey Erickson

2011 recipient: Rebecca N. Duffy

2010 recipient: Sam Benham

2009 recipient: Jay Syverson

2008 recipient: Amber L. Juffer

2007 recipient: Sarah J. Hastings

2006 recipient: Heather Rooney

2005 recipient: Brian Dearinger

2004 recipient: Michael J. Carroll

2003 recipient: Carey Erhard

2002 recipient: William Miller

2001 recipient: B. MacPaul Stanfield

2000 recipient: Nathaniel W. Schwickerath

1999 recipient: Matthew T. Oetker

1998 recipient: Christine Nierenz

1997 recipient: Chad V. Horner

1996 recipient: Scott Green

1995 recipient: Peter Thill

1994 recipient: Jeffery Thomas Mains

1993 recipient: Sharon K. Hall

1992 recipient: Carla Jensen Hamborg

1991 recipient: Marne E. Brom

1990 recipient: Barbara J. Lano

1989 recipient: Jeffrey M. Lamberti

1988 recipient: Alice Eastman Helle

1987 recipient: Max J. Schott

1986 recipient: Julie A. Cardosi